First glance – Manoj Kini

Amongst the crowd of people, all set for the day
ahead, thou was lost or so thee seemed to be.
That was when I saw thee, in thine state of
confusion, nervousness playing in thy eyes.

I could not take my eyes of thee, and
as I stood there transfixed, I found thine
eyes speaking of thy purity, thy expression
describing thee, I was lost in thy grace..

And when it finally happened that thou
chanced to glance at me, I felt like a thief
caught red handed, robbing, and judged
guilty of having committed a sin..

It all seemed to happen within moments,
when thou found what thee were searching
for all the while and it felt a eternity as thee
finally got ready, setting thyself to leave.

Even an hour later, after thou had left,
I was still lost in thy thoughts, and it felt
as though only moments back, I had
first seen thou, amongst the crowd..

And as I was thinking of it, suddenly the bright
shining sun seemed to be covered by the clouds,
emerging out of nowhere, and it started pouring,
completely catching me unaware, drenching me.

I started walking back, enjoying the rain descending
upon me, happily recalling the beautiful incident, when
somewhere in the back of my mind, I heard a voice,
thou shalt never forget her, for thou art in love..

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