Finding Joy During the Holidays

It’s that time of year again, families start seeing other more often. October is Octover now, soon thanksgiving and Christmas will be upon us and the longing to be with someone you love will take over. This can be a wonderful time to find that someone who will be with you and care for you and provide you with the love and comfort you deserve!

Age is nothing but a number. You may have encountered countless people saying that. You would particularly notice the older people saying that. Those who are ageing or relatively old but wish to stay young and possibly are young at heart would be more inclined to believe in the saying. Beyond the perceptions and opinions, the truth is that age is actually a number. With advancement in medical sciences, with better availability of medical care and also with more awareness to lead a better life, people are living longer. Obesity and several ailments are causing problems for the generations since the baby boomers but people are actually living a much healthier and longer life for about three decades now.

Twenties was considered to be the ideal time for dating not very long back. Today, it doesn’t really matter how old you are. There will be many people in your age or generation who would be looking for a date and possibly a new relationship.

Over 60 dating is no longer just a wish of some sexagenarians. Senior dating is a reality. That certainly implies 60 is the new 50 when dating and those who wish to begin dating can visit the hampshire dating site to find that someone special!

Let us look at some of the many factors that have contributed to this phenomenon!

First is of course health and long life. Not even a century ago, the world was plagued by wars. Millions of people from various countries died on innumerable battlefields at a tender age. They did not get to see their forties, fifties or sixties. With catastrophic wars being a thing of the past, young men and women get to live a more normal life. Also, most health problems have a solution today. Apart from the few incurable diseases, health concerns are rarely fatal now. Besides, advanced medical care can pre-empt ailments through diagnoses and people are prescribed diets, medications and a certain lifestyle to ensure that some impending health concerns are averted or delayed. There was a time when a person aged seventy or eighty would raise sighs of surprise. Today, people aged eighty and healthy or crossing the threshold of ninety and heading for a century is not rare or uncommon.

Since people are living long and are healthy, they can always date. But being around is not the only reason why over sixty dating has sped up. There are many pragmatic factors, some of which are not very desirable or pleasant. Divorce is one of the primary reasons why over sixty dating has become so common. With close to half of the adult population in America divorced or heading for a divorce, there are more single adults than ever before. These men and women may start dating immediately but that is unlikely when there are kids and responsibilities. In thousands of cases, men and women start to focus on their careers and kids. By the time kids grow up and one accumulates a certain amount of money to consider their lives a tad secured financially, one is fifty or older. By middle age, one attains financial freedom. We are not talking about millionaires or billionaires here, although there are many rich people who amass their fortune after they turn fifty or sixty. When kids have grown up, careers are done with, one has sufficient money and no partner or spouse; it is obvious that the person would look for someone, more of a friend or companion than a casual date.

The third set of reasons why over sixty dating is in vogue has to do with how a person looks and their sexual health. Today, cases of erectile dysfunction or infertility are not taboo any more, simply because there are medical cures for the same. People aged sixty and above are also looking better, thanks to more awareness, exercise, healthy diets and albeit cosmetic products and also surgeries. When a man or woman is good looking, has money, is done with all responsibilities and has plenty of free time to live life, why shouldn’t that man or woman find a date and go around and have fun?

Apart from the factors or reasons mentioned above, there is another reality that has triggered over sixty dating. That factor is psychological. Living alone in twenties or thirties is hard enough but one still has their professional world, hopes of meeting new people and possibly finding that one special person and there is a lot of activity around to get engrossed in. When someone is sixty or above, there is little to look around for or forward to; kids have moved out and working somewhere, some may even have grandkids and most sexagenarians have a lot of idle time which is spent alone. Dating can certainly do away with this alone time which is certainly not solitude but undesired loneliness and dating sites in Hampshire can surely do away with some of this undesired loneliness!

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