File Size of Digital Photos

With graphic files, the higher the resolution (pixels), the larger the file size (how much space they take up on the storage device, such as a memory card). Below is a chart of how file sizes are measured, so you can understand the difference between bits, bytes, kilobytes, megabytes and gigabytes.
Memory Unit
Think of It As
0 or 1
Binary Digit (Computers only understand zero’s and one’s.)
8 Bits
1 Character (Any one thing you type on the keyboard.)
Kilobyte (K)
1024 (~1000) Bytes
½ page of text
Megabyte (MB)
1024 (~1000) Kilobytes
1 book of approximately 500 pages (~1 million bytes)
Gigabyte (G)
1024 (~1000) Megabytes
Small library of 1024 books (~1 billion bytes)

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