A Few Mistakes Women Make When Struggling with Menopause

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If you are struggling with the symptoms of menopause, it can cast a shadow over all aspects of your life. Yet, plenty of women seem to accept their fate and try to carry on. Menopause may be a natural process but that doesn’t mean putting up with symptoms that negatively affect your life and relationships. Here’s how some women don’t help themselves.

They Don’t Take Natural Supplements

Because the evidence is weak, many women who would benefit from natural supplements simply don’t. However, there is plenty of anecdotal evidence suggesting it is possible to get good results taking natural supplements and remedies, for instance, taking black cohosh to manage hot flushes.

Some women also find relief by taking prebiotics, probiotics, dong Quai, kava, and evening primrose oil. myvluxe.com offers probiotics for bacterial vaginosis, which is a common issue that women face. Even so, long-term use of certain supplements may not work for every woman, so you should visit for more details.

They Don’t Consider Phytoestrogens

You can alleviate menopause symptoms by taking phytoestrogens. Phytoestrogens are effective because they are plant extracts that mimic the effect of natural estrogen. They may help maintain the hormonal balance that goes awry during and after menopause. They especially help with hot flushes. You can get phytoestrogens from soy products, flaxseeds, soybeans, tempeh, sesame seeds, linseeds and beans.  Simply maintaining a diet high in soy may help reduce blood pressure, cholesterol level as well as the frequency and severity of hot flashes.

They Don’t Drink Enough Water

You’re likely to experience vaginal dryness during menopause. It’s the result of decreased estrogen levels. You may counteract those symptoms by increasing your fluid intake. Consider drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day to reduce dryness and also prevent issues related to bloating. Water may also help keep your weight in check by increasing metabolism and reducing your appetite. You may end up consuming 13% fewer calories by drinking 500ml of water at least half an hour before a meal.

They Don’t Stay Away from Refined Sugar

Too much of refined sugar and processed foods are always bad but these foods hurt you even more during menopause. Too much sugar and too many refined carbs in your diet can cause quick rises and dips in your blood sugar levels, leaving you irritable and tired. They may also increase your risk of developing depression, common in postmenopausal women taking a diet rich in sugar and refined carbs.

They Don’t Eat Regular Meals

Understand that you should always stick to a schedule and eat regular meals during menopause. Irregular eating is only going to aggravate your symptoms and even gain weight. Skipping meals is just as bad since reduced sugar levels cause all sorts of problems in postmenopausal women.

When you are going through menopause, you have to take more care of yourself. That’s not always something that comes naturally to women juggling work and family. It’s perhaps the biggest mistake menopausal women make. Just as in pregnancy, menopause is one of the few times in a woman’s life she should put her own health first.

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