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MUJ is a college, which focuses, equally on its Academics as well as the Extracurricular development of its students. In the previous Academic year, we had Elicit, Oneiros, BDC, TEDx, MUJMUN 6.0, E-conclave, Abhivarta, Yuvanyu, Techideate, Ecstasy, Litweek, and many more. These fests are organized and run by the students alone, with the supervision of a few faculty members. Here’s a glimpse into each event, and the working of a few of them.

ELICIT is the Annual techno-cultural fest organized by Manipal University Jaipur ACM Student Chapter (recently recognized as the second best ACM student chapter in India) in September. This is remembered by the students for the events organized during the month leading up to this 3-day extravaganza. ELICIT witnessed the highest participation in a student-led hackathon in Jaipur in 2018. It was a 24-hour long hackathon organized by the students.

Codeathon, a competitive coding Marathon, is one of the highly anticipated events along with Gamer’s Asylum- a heaven for the gaming enthusiasts who prefer to showcase their skills in the worlds of CS GO, FIFA and a lot more
We also have workshops and talks leading up to the final events.
The memories made during these 3 days are some of the best you may ever make during your four years in MUJ.

Oneiros is the cultural event of the college and by far the most important & the most prominent event that takes place throughout the year. Taking place in October, it is a three-day event which has fun activities, quizzes, competitions, etc. lined up by nearly all the clubs present in the college for the students throughout the day, followed by the significant events in the night. The first day ends with Kairos, the fashion show that sees participation from college teams selected from all around the country. The major event for the second day is Requiem, the war of bands which sees participation from some of the best heavy metal bands across the country. The battle of bands is usually followed by the performance by a Major Artist, like in our time, The Local Train gave a scintillating performance to end a fantastic night. On the final night of Oneiros, Destival, the inter-college group dance competition takes place, which is usually followed by a performance by another Major Artist, and a DJ Night. During these three days, people make memories of a lifetime, especially the fresher’s, as it also marks their entry into the new phase of their lives.

We even had a Blood Donation Camp, which was held in November 2018, and it got a tremendous response, from both faculty as well as the students, it was appreciated by everyone. We had a huge turnout, and even the hospitals and blood banks that were called recognized the event. The entire ground floor of the old mess was covered by beds, and decorations, and hospital staff, volunteers and those donating the blood moving around. The work started off before our Diwali break, where we started contacting various people, approaching the students in the hostel to register, for donating their blood, and also tables were set up in the old mess area for getting the day Scholars to register. We had night permissions where we would do the craft work and plan our unveiling events and how to get more people to register, and how to effectively convey our messages across.

TEDx stands for the independent TED event officially hosted by the college, in which celebrities & achievers from different fields of life, come as speakers to provide motivating speeches & also tell the students about their journey to success. The celebrities who have visited the college for this event include Saroj Khan, Gaurav Taneja, Ashish Sulkh, Ravi Jhankal, Sejal Kumar, Kenny Sabastian, Aashna Shroff, etc. It is a two-day event, of which, the first day is an official meet & greet with speakers, where students get to meet & talk to their idols in person. On the second day, these speakers give their official TED talks & the talks are typically followed by a performance by a comedian & a DJ night. Though costly, TEDx is definitely an event that can help a person a lot in finding direction in his career.

MUJMUN 6.0 – We had a Model United Nations conference held within our college in February 2019, known as the MUJMUN 6.0. It received participation from various colleges as well as from within our college itself, and most of them were first-timers. The EBs were very well renowned, and they appreciated all the committees, only because of the involvement of all the speakers were so good. The work for the preparation of MUN was the same as that for any other fest, but this was just supposed to be a bit more sophisticated and required a bit more planning and due diligence.

The MUN event is spread out over 2 days, wherein you have the conferences and the committee sessions on both the days, but there is a Ball Night at the end of the first day and a gala dinner which is attended by all the participants as well as the volunteers, after which there is a Gala Dinner. The last day concludes with the prize ceremony.

Organized by the Entrepreneurship Cell of the college, E-Conclave is a three-day national event that aims to use the entrepreneurial skills of the students & professionals in an original way and spur potential ideas & leaders and ideas into decisive action. The fest has events like, the annual B-Plan Competition, Innovriti, for budding entrepreneurs and aspiring start-ups for nurturing their ideas from start-up to growth and The Jaipur Start-up Weekend, which was partnered by Google, in which students have to build their own startup from scratch in a 54-hour time period with the help of mentors and the Internfair, to provide summer internships to the students through interviews & assessments. The event is an excellent platform for aspiring entrepreneurs and the students looking for refining their ideas into something they could build a future upon and also get rewarded accordingly in the process.

Abhivarta – The annual Sports fest of the College usually takes place in February. It is often a two-day fest, which marks the culmination of weeks of competition between participants from not only MUJ but from colleges all across the country. The variety of sports that people get to compete in include, Cricket, Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Kabaddi, Boxing, Badminton, Squash, Tennis, Chess, Table Tennis, Carrom, Athletics, etc. The event is a perfect stage for students to showcase their sporting talents & hunger to win and also be rewarded accordingly. All the matches taking place are quite intense & a treat to watch even for those who are not participating. Abhivarta usually ends with a closing ceremony, followed by a DJ night or performance by a Major Artist.

Yuvanyu – The first fitness fest of MUJ conducted for the first time the previous year. A fest aimed towards one’s fitness, both physical and mental. It was a two-day fest which involved one and a half hour of yoga in the open amphitheater in the morning followed by life management workshops by art if living professors. There were various sports events like American football, three feet goal post, and cricket. There was colossal participation inhouse as well as an outhouse. The event ended with Zumba night organized for all the participants, which were the best part of the event. Asia’s best ZJ( For Zumba) was the one who was the host for the night

Techideate – The annual Technical Fest of the college, Techideate is a two-day event that usually takes place in the month of March & works not only as a showcase for the individuals & teams to showcase their projects & works in the technical field at Abhivyakti, the technical exhibition, but also participate in some of the most exciting events the college has to offer like the Robowars, Hackathons, Codathons, Ideathons, All Terrain Mars Rover Racing, Drone Racing, Soap Box Derby, etc. There are various workshops & speeches by experts in the technical field in the lead up to this fest. The event ends with a performance by a Major Artist (Jas Manak in our year) on the final night.

Zenith is the Annual business fest, organized by the school of business and commerce, and is spread out over 2 days, and has various events which are aimed towards encouraging the students to develop an interest towards academics and to try and make it fun. It is majorly organized by students pursuing courses such as Commerce, Law, Economics, etc. This acts as a vital forum for both sides of academia to interact and real from each other. It has events such as Stock simulations and Talent hunts.

In addition to all of this, we’ve also had a marathon in college, with exciting cash prizes, we host mock placement drives, and PUBG tournaments to keep the spirit alive in the college and the various cultural clubs of our college also have their very own events, to help liven up the atmosphere of our college during those dull times before our exams, and to make the time after our exams even more fun.

By working in such events is how you get to know about the working of the system. How to interact with people. And, how you’re supposed to present yourself to the faculty, to the participants. It develops a way of speaking, and this sense of decorum which needs to be followed, which you do not get in any other way.

It’s due to such events, and the involvement of students in it, that they’re successful at the end of the day, for if the students of the college wouldn’t be involved in conducting the events, they would fail to even start off properly. These events are what keep our college year lively and full of excitement, since every other weekend you’ll always see something or the other going on, the streets of the hostel will have music playing, the common room will be bustling with the energy of all the excited volunteers rushing to set up their desk, and make it look to best to attract the most massive crowd and play music to keep everyone entertained.

So to summarize, the best way to develop your extracurricular skills, interact with new people, make friends, and just fully experience college life, is to be involved in such events when they’re taking place, and do so with excitement, joy and also get your friends to participate as well. (The days of playing PUBG in your rooms are now over, now is the time to work, and have fun doing it.)

About the author: This post is collected from a post in the Manipal University Jaipur freshers group written by Aaryan Jandyal.

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