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A proud hug, a sweet smile, glory in eyes, patting my back and a heart full of blessings only for its most important gift of life. This is the picture of a businessman whose business is only to give happiness and take sorrows of my life. His company deals only with me and the best part is that he thinks his company is in a profit but the person dealing with him thinks that he lost the money invested.

As a son, I am talking about my father. Father – what a great invention of Him. He should get the Nobel Prize of Heaven for this greatest of great , revolutionary and mind-blowingly awesome invention. The bondage which a father shares with his son can only be felt by a father ,so this is a one-way.

The bonding which a father makes with his son may be an intermediate step of a co-ordination bond’s mechanism , where the previous bond between his father and him is breaking , but meanwhile a new bond between him and his son is making. May be , this intermediate transition bond , is not stable enough but the end product is always as stable as the reactants themselves or even more.

Time factor is the worst or the best invention of Him. Its nature depends upon the frame of reference. I brought time factor into this sentimental picture at the canvas of life as the strength of those bondings also depend upon the circumstances which further rely on time. What my grandfather did for his son was the best or even more for that time but may be they seems to be pity or mammoth in front of those things which my father is doing for his son. All of these things send me to a gloomy department of a cheerful and pleasant subject- Probability. The probability distribution for all those doings finally combine to get Unity. I mean whether those doings were small or large in different views but the feeling which a father shares with his son is still the same. Its still the same attachment as fruit on tree , as fish in ocean, as root in ground, as rain in cloud, as heat in sunshine, as fragrance in flower and as heart in body.

I always saw the interference of feelings in those deep and proud eyes of my father without any minima. It never depended upon the third variable, which meant to be my performance in life. The love which I saw, the warmth which I felt, the blessings which I got, has an exponential nature of graph when plotted versus time.

I still remember those proud feelings of him while introducing me to anyone or everyone but he forgot that I am sharing his blood in my veins so I feel even more warmth while talking about my path-finder and destiny-maker. He is the sole of my soul and the thought of my mind. My only desire is to repay is money which he invested in business. I am in debt and also a bankrupt and don’t think will ever be able to bear the load of his company on the shoulders gifted by him. I know I will never be able to stand tall even near his shadow but still wanna be like him.


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