Fast funda

Well, this funda has nothing to do with speed!!I am talking about the day when people omit their staple food for different reasons that can be maintenance of good health, to win blessings of god or to have a good looking spouse, to have good educational and professional future and sometimes mom’s order(this has been quite common in my childhood)!!

‘Janmashtami’ is a famous festival in India.It is basically a celebration of lord Krishna’s birthday.’Janm’ is a hindi word meaning birth and ‘astami’ is 8th.On that day all of my family members were ordered to omit staple food.What I believe is-on birthdays people eat more rather than less and that is quite understandable too!!Though being a child I was offered some alternatives of main course that I used to like also.

The idea to write about, grew in my mind because I am on fast today (Thursday).Since 3yrs I am keeping fast on Thursdays.The reason belongs to the list
elaborated initially-to secure a good future.

‘Fast’ is a typical Indian tradition that reflects trust and belief the Indians have in god.I am no different than the rest of the country.Fast and prayers does help
me at least in gaining psychological confidence.Whether it helps in a direct way that I will know when I will jump into professional life.

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