Fashion Tips for High Maintenance Moms-to-Be

Fashion details matter to you, from the fit down to the fabric; and there’s no reason to abandon this love of the finer things during your pregnancy. With help from the following tips, you can create a fabulous maternity wardrobe that suits your style:

Take it Below the Belt
Forget bulky and unattractive maternity panties. Today’s non-maternity low-rise and bikini brief panties are perfect for all nine months and they’re infinitely cuter! You’ll avoid having uncomfortable waistbands cut off the circulation around your expanding belly and you won’t have to buy a bunch of panties you’ll probably never wear again after you deliver.

Get Some Support
You will, at some point in your pregnancy, have to invest in a larger bra. This can really make a difference in your life if you get the wrong bra that pinches you here and leaves you unsupported there. So spend the money and get professionally fitted at the nearest upscale department store. You’ll thank yourself!

Layer Up
During pregnancy, the amount of blood coursing through your veins increases by 50 percent, which means you will be a lot warmer than usual. To keep your cool, dress in layers so you can peel them off one by one as you heat up.

Fabric Counts
As the months progress, you will increasingly appreciate easy-care and comfortable fabrics such as cotton and cotton-lycra blends that stretch and breathe. And before you buy any maternity items, check the care label – the last thing you want to be doing is running to the dry cleaners, hand washing, or endless ironing.

Coordinate Your Colors
Buy flattering colors that coordinate with each other. Black is a great base on which to build your maternity wardrobe – it’s flattering, slimming, and can be layered and coordinated with just about any other color.

Stay Low
High heels are fine for special occasions, but you’ll probably find that they become more uncomfortable and precarious as your pregnancy progresses. The added weight of your baby, a shifting pelvis, and a different center of gravity can all make you dangerously unstable in high heels. So for everyday wear, slip on a pair of stylish, yet comfortable flats.

Embrace Online Shopping
Who wants to walk around the mall with 20 extra pounds sitting on their bladder and making their back ache? Sit yourself down in front of your computer, put your feet up, and do some shopping! Most maternity clothing stores have corresponding online stores so you can have the items brought right to your door. Ahh!! modern technology!

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