Fashion Forward: Quick and Easy Tips on How to Look Good and Stay Warm during the Winter Music Festivals

Warm or fashionable

It seems as though it is always a choice between these two, right? You will either be warm or look good. Therefore, when you go to a music festival, especially during the winter, you will find two groups of people: one group bundled up in what looks like every piece of clothing they own, and another group that looks like they are a few minutes away from getting frostbite.

So the question is – is there a happy medium? What are the fun things to bring to a music festival? The answer is a resounding YES! You do not have to look like an Eskimo (no offense!) or like a misplaced cast member from Baywatch (okay, that’s a bit of a stretch, but you know what I mean). Here’s how…Winter-Fashion-8

  1. Layering, layering, layering…

Now, we are not going for the ‘homeless’ look here. Think warm chic. Carry a light jacket, a thin long-sleeved shirt, and some leggings to the festival. Check these denim jackets, they will come in handy as the weather changes. Plus, the shirt and leggings can fit in your little bag quite nicely so you can take them off when it gets a little warmer.

The idea here is to carry light layers that you can easily add on or take off as the weather dictates.

  1. Take care of the extremities

Frostbite begins at the hands and feet. Also, when these are warm, you tend to be warm overall. So carry your socks and a pair of gloves. You can spice it up by getting interesting gloves that do all sorts of cool things like glow in the dark, but by all means, don’t forget to carry a pair.

  1. Speaking of socks

Get the longest ones you can. Thigh-high socks are not only practical but also quite cute. They make your legs look longer (Ahem! All you petite people) and when paired with a pretty little skater dress can have you looking like a runway model (you figure out the hair and make-up, we’re talking clothes hereJ). Plus, you can wear sheer tights underneath the socks to cover the rest of the leg and minimize on the jiggling-effect ;)!

  1. Foil blanket

Wait! Come back! You will not be wearing this… Listen, you know (or rather, you don’t know) how cold it can get at these festivals and sometimes your layering may not be sufficient. Solution? Foil blankets.

They are really small and can fit into your little satchel and you can fit two people in there. You can get them in various colors (to justify the atrocity in your mind) but by all means get one. Moreover, carry some for your friends too-sharing is caring.

  1. It’s all in the head

This probably should be one of the extremities but I think the head needs a special mention here. While your hair may be fabulous (for however long…), exposing your head to the cold is not the smartest plan. So just like the summer has those fabulous hats and fascinators, the winter offers some pretty cool headwear. You could get something eccentric or understated but make sure your ears are well covered.

Author Bio

Jenny Richards is a fashion blogger and music festival enthusiast par excellence. She has styled bands and celebrities for years and even has her own clothing line.

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