Farmers Vs Monsoon by Sushmanth Natha

Sushmanth Natha| Guest Blogger| Lakshya MAHE

A man who creates beautiful crops from the plain lands, without whom the world would have become a graveyard in a day or two!
Their souls are fused with their crops.
He who is loved by f-lover-s (flowers), and takes extreme care of them.

Irrespective of the weather conditions or even his health conditions, he works on his farms without any complaints.
It should be our responsibility to ensure that “far-mer nahi mar-na chahiye”
Farmer loves his land, farms the farm and knows nothing other than farming, he gives his full potential towards his farm.

This picture beautifully captures the farmer Waiting, Waiting for drops of water from the heaven. When it rains the fragrance of the soil fills him with great joy, and that day becomes celebration for him..

He is the one who has a close relationship with nature, land, water, air, plants, crops..
He is the one, who doesn’t want to earn some crores out of agriculture, instead just looks to be the bread for his family.

The history of land is etched in the faces of farmers who till it …

About the Author: Sushmanth Natha is a student at Manipal Institute of Technology, Manipal.

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