Falling in love with you….is a habit now…

I couldn’t sleep that night. Not because I was away from home instead I wanted this night to end as soon as possible. At that time I was unaware of that spark in me which was not letting me sleep.

How it feels when every morning you wake up with a new wish. Unwillingly you go to class just to see someone… When even the presence of teacher is not influencing your gaze… You keep on admiring her and suddenly she notices… You smile at her and she couldn’t resist the blush… and as the heart throbbing moment approaches, you realize someone is calling you… Who’s it???

Omg!!!! And the next moment you are out of the class.

Baffling within, standing outside the class, what has happened to me??? Never punishment was such a pleasure. .

Those cute days!!!!!

Sitting this moment I wonder, falling in love is easy but holding on is difficult. Promising is easy, fulfilling is hard. Commitment might be a word for you but you will never know how many hopes she bonded to your words. How many dreams she associated with your promises and how hurt she was when you don’t retain her dreams. When you left her alone in tears, somewhere you were conscious but you ignored your pine. And just recall did you both really sleep that night???

That was a night when dreams couldn’t let me sleep and today is the night when tears drip even from closed eyes.

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