Falling in love with you…

Jeet, was someone who induced in me the sense of true friendship. Someone always there to drag me on the right way without even making me cognizant. His innocent words were strong enough to convince me.

The one with whom my giggling sessions never ended is Raj. Distance is not at all worthy to built space in our golden days. I was unknown of the fact that someday he is going to be amongst the very few whom I really miss.

Ankan,  always ready to argue with me whatever topic it may be. And believe me he is too good at all the facts you can even think of. He is the only person in my life with whom my friendship started out of grilling episodes.

Can you imagine being a friend with someone who is not even interested in talking to you even when he sits next to you? Abhi, out of all the most complicated people, its always you who makes me work the hardest just to recollect what our conversations were all about.

Achintya, actually still I don’t know him. A bit moody, short tempered, ignorant of the entire world….and above all ‘flirt’. And believe me no matter how much you are mad at him, his repartee skills will leave a smile on your lips.

My entire schooling period revolves around these. Although many more to sprout in the upcoming events but these were the one with whom my days started.

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