Extra Sauce?? Throw it!!

What’s fascinating about this observation is that no one near my vicinity, at least, has ever observed it!.. 😉

Here it goes –

Why can’t we estimate the amount of sauce required , to accurately finish with our dish??

I was new to the food court and apparently after missing the hi-tea (snacks) for a couple of days I finally decided to get up and go for it . Just out of curiosity to see what was I actually missing!

As I got my dish on my plate I moved to the coffee counter .Oh yeah how couldn’t I  notice the big bowl of  SAUCE . Oh holy god ! it was serious. People poured in the liquid in bulk and looked like they would never stop. The bowl looked like it could encompass gallons of sauce and the people in the third world country could be wholly fed on it ..Tomato Sauce

There it was! A sudden realization struck me that many of us have this inability to judge the amount of sauce we actually required… The situation was severe. If I would take in a lot of sauce it would be just too much of it and if a little of it, then I would have to go again to take it and that to more than my estimation ..

Was there no solution?? Would this ‘rectified disability ‘ continue till I  died ?

Rigorous thinking bought me to this conclusion – a sense of estimation can be developed… I think its all about our management skills//maybe this is why we engineers don’t really get it … I still practice for enough sauce… am working on it at least !

Oh No! No!  I don’t love tomatoes and no I don’t feel that bad for the smashed tomatoes wasted as much I feel for the  tress cut and wasted by making paper out of it … It was a general observation that hit me and every time I see the bowl of sauce I have a grin on my face 😀 … because I can see the inability of people they don’t know ( though even if they knew they wouldn’t care) but this disability of human mind fascinates me. I guess this is why we throw away a lot of soup/depends on the taste isn’t it?

I usually eat away all the bread crumbs and throw away the soup.. betrayal isn’t it ?? but that’s also because I don’t realize how much soup would be actually required to dip in those crumbs!! I still say m working on it …. 😉

Message that I can send : Don’t waste ..be educated about human behavior and develop skills to manage food… and  about sauce oh yeah I hope to see a grin on your face too… 😀

And for those who are still unaware of it ,this quote goes for them:-

“Oh poor human mind I hope you someday discover your inability and work on it…”

–        Keep observing

About the Author: Shivani is a student at Manipal Institute of Technology (MIT), Manipal. Originally from Mumbai, she likes to analyse human emotions. She likes to blog about situations, people’s reactions and events in a light hearted manner.


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