The Experience of Life – Falling in Love with you

Everything in our life begins as an experience and ends as the same, whether good or bad, it matters a lot.

The true struggle in our life starts as soon as we adopt our own way of living. As long as we live the way as our family or friends or people want us to be, everything goes smooth. The revolution begins when we have our own style of living, our own ideas and a different ways to react for the situation.

In the general go of life, we hardly notice the people involved in our life, and we often forget that even a single person has the ability to transform our life entirely. And that person is “SPECIAL”. Someone we never know, may someday come and be with us forever or may be the other day gone.

It is true that in everyone’s life there is one reason for which one can go to any extreme. Although the way may be different, the destination might be different but the determination behind the achievement is the same for everyone.

Name, Fame, Honor, Pride are a part of everyone’s life may be for a short while but some moments will always stay with us and may be that is something which I will experience soon. I have not yet achieved anything so renowned thereby I just lie among the commoners and I know it shall even take some more years but surely the path is going to be wonderful.

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