Evolution Always Wins – Man of Steel Review

It’s never easy writing up a review for a super hero movie – there’s way too many factors that go into judging exactly how good or bad the production was. Here’s three off the top of my head. First off, there’s the action scenes. People need to see how the hero initially falls prey to the villain and makes a decently sensible come back toward the end. Then comes casting. Now, the hero himself needs to look the part. We can’t have some wimp scaling walls and beating up bad guys twice his size: it’s a definite buzz kill. In addition, the female lead (for reasons unknown) invariably need always be the prettiest out there. Maybe has to do with being worthy of jumping off rooftops and risking your life for? Thirdly, storyline. Everything needs to fit at the end of the movie. Question marks don’t go well with super hero movies, because despite how good the action may be, it is overshadowed by the audience’s confusion.man_of_steel_5-wallpaper-1920x1080

To my delight, Zack Snyder’s “Man Of Steel” did not fall short on any of these grounds. I found I literally had palpitations during two or three of the fight scenes BOTH times that I watched it. At one point, I noticed people in and around my vicinity stealing glances at me for the horrid language I was involuntarily using out of sheer joy and excitement. At one point, it seemed like the cast and crew got “bored” tearing down buildings, so they took the fight to a whole other level that ended with even an artificial satellite crashing to Earth.

I find this movie to share ground with Superman 1 and 3 (both released around 1980) in accordance with their story lines. The writers seem to have spruced it up nice and good though, so as to include a decent end to Krypton and add to the actual birth of our Superhero. Superman himself was opined ‘delicious’ as I heard a squeaky girl say somewhere in the theatre. I must agree. Superman’s (Henry Cavill) physique and general appearance (especially his eyes, as I’ve been told) is naught but complimentary to his part in the movie. It is enough to turn men green with envy and women blush till they’re anemic. The excellence the Casting Crew showed was really what gives this movie an extra boost. Cark Kent (as everyone knows) has two fathers. With Russell Crowe “The Gladiator” and Kevin Costner an “Untouchable” playing Clark Kent’s two fathers, it’s no wonder Kal-El turned out to be Superman!

Despite all the pros this movie possessed, I’m afraid to say it falls short of the “Nolan Standards”. Snyder put into this all he could, but fell short a couple baby steps where the overall feel was concerned. No doubt, I was left dizzy and unawares by the end of it, I never was truly satisfied with the way last fight ended. Additionally, Amy Adams (Lois Lane in Man Of Steel) falls short of the standards Margot Kidder set for the character in “Superman”. However, Henry Cavill does the memory of Christopher Reeve (Superman in Superman 1, 2 and 3) justice.

All in all, a rather delectable movie with an ending that needs to be revisited.

And THAT’s the bottom line.

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