Every man dies. Not every man really lives!

“What happened? Why looking so worried?” This was one of my best friends who saw me sitting alone at a corner table at a restaurant.

“Nothing yaar!  I just don’t wanna live any more. My life is waste. How can he say- It’s over. I’m over you……” There were tears in my eyes. I was feeling cheated and foolish at what I cherished  for the past 4 years- my relationship.

He knew about us, he was my best friend after all. He got furious after seeing those drops of sadness rolling down my cheeks. “I’ll kill that bastard. How dare he! But wait. We shouldn’t be impulsive about this. I’ll talk to him first. What exactly happened between you two?”

“Apparently he has lost interest in me now. He said I don’t give him personal space and blah blah blah. I was like, what the hell! He leaves for office at 7 and instead of returning back home at 8, comes back at 11 o’ clock. Why shouldn’t I complain about this strange behaviour of him? Am I not his responsibility? Tell me Abhi.”

Before he could utter a word, I left that place and tried not to turn back; else I could change my mind. Yes I had a hurricane inside, furious to come out and destroy everything around, without any warning!

2 days later

“Why did she do that? Was this the only option left? She could have talked to me or you at least.”

“Aunty, she talked to me. The matter was about her relationship that was on the verge of a break-up. What to do? She never told me it was going so bad. I’m also shocked at this act.”

“Please move out of the room, you two. This is an I.C.U and you are not supposed to chit-chat around. Keep silence please.” This was the chief-nurse who yelled at us for going near Nishi’s bed in the I.C.U.

Yes, you guessed it right! She tried to commit suicide yesterday. Reason- Well you all know.

Nishi was a 3rd year B.tech student, very bright in studies,a well known face of the town for singing, a basketball champion, and a whole list to follow.

I went to a counsellor myself and told everything about her. Ethically incorrect I know, but I myself too was very disturbed. So, here are a few points from that conversation:

  • Whenever you feel cheated in life, go talk to your friends and family. They are the one who’ll understand you and will definitely help you out.
  • Do not hesitate, even though the matter is very personal. Nothing in this world remains personal after you take that wrong step of committing suicide. People start making hell lot of stories about you and your life. That would invariably affect your’s as well as your family’s reputation. And I know you don’t want that, never!
  • Always be positive in life. Whatever happens, it is always for a purpose, to teach a lesson. God treats each kid equally. He’ll never do injustice to you. Have faith in him and stay calm.
  • Analyse the situation. Is that the one creating problem in your life, or there are several factors contributing to your misery. Find a solution to it, rather than running away.
  • Your life might not mean anything to you at some point of time, but think properly, it is way much more important to your family and friends. You mean a whole world to them.
  • Whatever happened in the past, leave that behind. There are a lot of beautiful moments to be cherished. Live your life to the fullest.

“I hope you got my point, right?”

“Yes ma’am! Definitely.” I was stunned at my situation ‘coz I didn’t ever ponder like that. My family, friends, my life; all are so important. Ending life is not the solution obviously. In fact it is equivalent to running away from the exam-hall after seeing a lengthy paper, instead of giving it an attempt.

Lord Buddha said- ‘Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate your mind on the present.’


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