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The first half of the season of the English championship has passed, and now fans can summarize its provisional results. It is easy to find out the EPL results on the sports statistics website, where such information is provided in real-time.

Despite the fact that there is still half of the season ahead, the fate of one team has already been almost decided. During the first part of the campaign, Sheffield United was able to get only one victory. The club is at the very end of the standings and is already well behind the competitors. Suffice it to say that the team’s first victory happened closer to the middle of the season.

Of course, one may say that the first victory could become an impetus for new achievements, but the Blades clearly don’t look like a club with strong skills and a will to win. Such results of the team in the EPL look even more surprising given the fact that less than a year ago Wilder’s players were fighting for a place in the European Cup zone. Obviously, no one could have expected such a setback.

As of now, the club will be able to keep its place in the elite division only if a miracle happens. It is necessary to both start winning points regularly and hope for misfires of direct competitors.

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Speaking of the reasons for this fall of Sheffield this season, there are several factors for this:

  1. Lack of decent strengthening. The team lost its main star, Dean Henderson, who returned to Manchester United. Despite the fact that the new goalkeeper plays well, he doesn’t give the defense the confidence it enjoyed before.
  2. The playing style of the team has become too predictable and monotonous. The rest of the Premier League clubs got used to it, so there are no more surprises for rivals.
  3. Lots of injured players and members who are simply not in shape. All this directly affects the club’s results.

Moreover, the personnel potential of the team looks weaker than that of many direct competitors.

However, all this can’t prevent you from visiting the 777 livescore platform to find out the results of the games of this club. The history of football knows many miraculous rescues, and perhaps the players will be able to motivate themselves to make it to the end.


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