Entry no 23(Paranormal Romance)

“Where are you?” echoed my voice in the empty hallway as I pursued my search for that one person without whom my life would be a desolate civilization with the omnipresence of emptiness, as I walked out of the house what I saw was a mesmerizing treat to the eye, I saw my one true love sit in the garden all by herself, as the sun was shining bright I could watch her glow as she imbibed energy from the sun’s rays, nothing could be more beautiful than the tranquility of the ambience surrounding her as her appearance was so divine that I was lost in my own world of reminiscence where I remembered that day when I first met my angel. Some would call it fate whereas some would call it luck but I would say it was our destiny that we met; she was a part of an alien expedition which had landed on earth to research the possibility of life, but she could never make it back with her peer mates, and that night I had my first encounter with her as she came out of nowhere when I was driving back home, I had never seen anything so humanly beautiful ever before and as I reached out to help she stared straight into my eyes and her eyes were petrified with fear. She acknowledged my hospitality and accompanied me to my house and told me everything I needed to know about her. Time bore testimony to our love, as the bond which we had developed was beyond any happiness, it was a relationship whose only foundation was love as she enchanted me with her beauty, who could have known that this feeling of love would last for the rest of my life as a beautiful dream.


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