Entry no 21(Paranormal Romance)

A sudden knock at the door in a raining and lightening night scared me more than it surprised me. I took small steps towards the door. When I unlatched the door, someone banged into the house suddenly. When I turned back, I could hear one word, “Sorry”. A sweet voice from a sweet lady helped me regain my liveliness. She was carrying her little baby in her hand. She said “I was going by this road and it started raining heavily. My car broke down on the way”. “If I can wait here till the rain stops?” she asked. My mind was just saying “wow”. But I said a confused yes to her. I wish the time stops there for me to observe her heavenly beauty. With increasing time, there is no signal of rain to stop. So I suggested her to stay here for the night. I slept in my room and offered her another room. In the midnight, my mind was suggesting me to approach the lady. I slowly opened the door in the dark and entered to her room, but could not figure out her. Suddenly in the corner of the room I found her sitting facing towards the wall with a naked body. I felt bold. I moved forward and reached near to her. My blood stopped flowing for a moment when I saw she was eating her own baby and the corner was full of blood and flesh. I screamed my lungs out. Suddenly my dream shattered and I woke up. It was a same dark night and raining. Suddenly I heard a knock at the door screaming “Help, Help, and Help”. And a shake helped me to wake up and I found myself in the hospital bed with the same lady of my dream as nurse saying “I am here”.

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