Entry no 13(Paranormal Romance)

” Even when we are miles apart , remember that we are under the same sky ,
looking under the same sun , moon & stars . ”
I was staring out of my window to admire the stars that had come out of
their hiding place . And I was thinking about what my  buddy , Alice had
told ” Fiona , Guys are like stars , there are a billions of them out there
but only one makes your dreams come true ; The one that falls for you .
Just believe it  !!! .” I admired the beautifully lit night sky & wondered
if any guy would ever fall for me . I knew the obvious answer but deep down
I treasured that thought  . Next day in school  , I ( in fact the whole
class ) was introduced to ( handsome, tall , cute , amazing smile – like –
every-girl’s-dream -guy – kind – of – boy) Franco from Bradford ,  London .
Later that day ,I was on my way to the cloak room  , when something caught
my attention . I peeped in through the small crack to see a beautiful blue
centaur standing right in the middle of janitor’s room & soon the centaur
morphed  into the  Franco I knew . I was so shocked to move that I froze
so when he turned around I was there like a human statue ( & thank God I
did that ) . He pulled me aside & told me , ” I know you are shocked about
what you just saw but ….. “& heard the sound of the fire alarm blaring
throughout the whole school building . Before I could even react , his
hand grabbed mine &  we jolted towards the fire exit. We ran in front of
the vrying eyes of the popular girls , to the  basketball court . As I
stood by the school’s hottest guy , the rain started to pour awaking me
from my supposed “day dream ” . Franco soon removed his jacket & put it
over our heads & walked us to the school shed & closed the door . He walked
towards me & looked me in the eyes  & told me this ,
” I am trusting you with a secret that can result in my death if any kin
of mine finds out . I ( pause) am a ( long pause ) Skitini ” .
My  response : ” A what ??????”
A smile appeared on his face , ” Sorry you wouldn’t know what that means
because you are a human . You are ,  aren’t you ??? . ”
” Yea !!???!
“Promise ???? .”
“Yes , I promise . ”
” Ok, I am an ALIEN !!! …….. Before you jump to conclusions about what
I just said, ” My race of aliens are very peace loving & friendly . ”
” So you won’t  ………..”
” No , we would never eat your brains or anything off your bodies for that
matter because we are vegetarians . ”
I breathed a sigh of relief sprinkled with  excitement .
” Would you like to friends ?”
” but ……… ”
” Please I don’t care about what you think of yourself  , I want you to be
my friend ”
Later , Franco told me that he could change forms but stay in them only
for five hours or else he would be entrapped in that form forever never
being able to change back . Movies , games , lunch , everything he ever did
, he did it with me &  I realised  I had fallen in love with an alien  . It
is  indescribable . But all good things should come to an end . And the day
arrived , when he had to leave & I went to bid my final goodbye .As I
walked back to my house , I thanked God for  making a star ( literally )
fall for me . On the way , I saw Franco again , but I thought I was
hallucinating coz I just saw him  fly a billion light years away from me .
But I was wrong Franco pulled me by the hand & looked me in the eyes & told
me ,
“We came underneath the stars above ,
What started out as liking soon developed into love ,
I sensed a certain something in my heart so true ,
That I knew I had waited all my life to fall in love with you . ”
And with a smile he added ” Courtesy , the Internet .”
” but what about your shape shifting thing ?????”
” I realised spending my life with you is & always will be better than that
. Skitinis can read minds & but yours still remain a mystery to me & I’ll
like to unravel it ,I don’t want to loose you now !! It’s like your the
other half of me !!!!…… I love you.

I was so speechless; overwhelmed that hugged him so tight that almost suffocated him & choked out these words from my mouth, I love you too. And so I fulfilled my life long dream of falling in love; meeting an extra terrestrial simultaneously


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