Effort and Success

Effort is a deliberate conscious attempt both physical and mental with a view to achieve something. This involves application of mind and diligence under proper planning and strategy.

Success is not something like a sweet ripe fruit that drops into our mouth by the conspiracy of lucky circumstances. Success has to be conquered. This is especially emphatically true in the context of conditions in which we live. In a world of competition and that too cut throat competition, every success to be gained, has to be backed up by proportionate intensity of planned and strategize effort. Nobody can afford to sit back and hope for success except, of course, very rare once who get benefited by a stroke of luck/chance. No ones knows who that fortunate gentleman would be, therefore leaving things to chance with hope, is irresponsible optimism. To achieve anything an effort is certainly needed. And making effort is what life ultimately is all about. Effort, in order to be meaningful and fruitful, has to be internal and external.

It is a truism that no external effort can be successful if it is not preceded by internal one. This means that mental preparation should be complete for a cause before setting out to achieve something. The physical effort will be reluctant if the mind is not geared up for the result. And a reluctant physical attempt for anything to gain is almost certain to meet failure. On the contrary, when the mind is fully geared up for a purpose, the physical aspect responds to mental commanding signal with enthusiastic alacrity, making the endeavor purposefully fervent, and fervently purposeful. Therefore, the effort to achieve something should begin with self.

Self motivation is the key. The person who tells himself  “I have got to do this “ and “I am confidently competent”- is the one who finally writes his own fate. The self motivation should of course, intense and charged with emotion. A deep feeling of self-assurance should rush through the veins until the motivational theme becomes an integral part of the personality. Once an emotional confidence has been planted, the physical confidence will grow and flourish out of that. Therefore, the effort invested as a sum total of mental and physical zeal will be admirable and consequently fruitful.

One thing that should be cautiously guarded is that the mental and physical fervor once created does not diminish but stays at a working pitch so that until the success is achieved, the effort does not get sluggish. An eminent thinker once said “What is it to be great? To have permanence of passion is to be great”. And that indeed is so.

Having thus pulled one’s socks up and geared up to top, done whatever one could to achieve an object, one should lean back and leave the rest to God. This will be in compliance with the dictum of Bhagwat Gita… Karmanya Vadikarastey….

You have done your best. That should be enough to get deep satisfaction. There after what is needed is simple resignation.

But this must be so only after complete and total investment of genuine effort. In that case the said dictum becomes heroic. Otherwise it is a cheap excuse.

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