Droplets in the glass: Virtually There- v15

Droplets in a glass - Source: Unbroken Horse

I took the blue umbrella out and held it open for the drizzle that came down like the pearls of sea. My small steps were calculated. Destiny was not what God wanted me to be, instead what I wanted to be…

Welcome to Virtually There (VT), version fifteen, I wipe those droplets in the glass!

I got into the bus, found a seat and tucked my jacket in the window lock. I looked outside; everything seemed like a beautiful oil painting. Objects had blurred and collided to remind me that everything in this world is one!

The glass of the window wore the graceful testimonial to the romantic climate, even in this late evening, perfect fog. Sun had given up long time ago and cool breeze had lost its way. I breathed easy. Made an effort to get myself some place to gaze at the outer world. A handful of area in the window to stay connected, while I did this, some droplets fell down!

droplets thumb
Droplets in a glass – Source: Unbroken Horse

It looked as if I am creating a metaphor for the life that we are living. The area that helped me realize what went on outside never expanded, nor did it shrink. Object kept moving as the bus traveled  Those which looked unrealistic and blur, brightened when it came under the vision. Same flowers that looked yellow through the window was golden when it fell in the view I had created!

The clear stills that I saw through the view were momentary. The objects, about to be visible delighted, as it promised something new and in the brighter side. The objects, which passed by, faded after a minute and went out of sight pretty soon. The objects, now under spotlight, did steal the show!

It’s all about how, what and who we see. It’s all about the promise future carries. It’s all about lessons past taught us. It’s all about holding that blue umbrella when the pearl like droplets are about to kiss those yellow flowers!

Hope to see you after a month. Till then enjoy the winters! Merry Christmas! Cheers!


  1. Both as individuals and as a society, it’s important that we have a reasonable view of our environment.

    Imagining, Dreaming, Envisioning, Discovering, Educating, Empowering, Inspiring,
    Achieving, Succeeding, Renewing, Protecting, Celebrating..In other words, making a difference…that’s what life’s about.

  2. I’ve had an OK life, this seems like a cliché, but I’m not afraid of
    death anymore. Everything has made me stronger, but you got to leave
    the past to make the future.

  3. I have been beggining to feel dark…and gloomy; like dusk. I’ve began
    to try to understand the dusk and learn from my vulnerable moments.
    Because in vulnerable moments, you learn most about yourself.

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