Dressing Yourself and The Importance of Lighting

We have all seen it and perhaps experienced it ourselves. We look in the mirror and think hmm perhaps a tad more blush or this lipstick isn’t bold enough. Then we put on what we believe is just a touch more.

In the harsh light of day others see what we didn’t – the clown mask that we have, inadvertently, put on. Lighting, especially in your bathroom, is crucial!

Unless you will be going only to candlelit dinners for the rest of your life, there is the wee chance that others will see you in the light of day. You want what they see to look natural. You want them to think how pretty you look not, ” Oh my God did she actually put that gunk on with a trowel.”

After the bathroom, lighting is very important in the area where you dress. How many times have you walked down the street and seen directly through some poor woman’s shirt? Or seen a little too much of someone’s granny panty lines?

Lighting is your friend when dressing and wearing makeup just as candle light is a girl’s best friend on a date. (My dad is in the restaurant business and he swears that the proper lighting can make almost any woman look like a Goddess. He therefore keeps his lighting low and “romantic” in their interests.)

So the next time you go into your bathroom or bedroom check the lighting to make sure it is working to your benefit. And the next time you go out to dinner make sure it is properly “romanticly lit.”

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