Don’t Jump. Live.

"Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things"

We can sleep and end the heart-aches and thousands of natural shocks
Or face them with open arms
For we can never be sure of what the dreams maybe in that sleep
Shakespeare in Hamlet (simplified)

When a person stands on top of the skyscraper and looks below, all that is visible to those blurry eyes is the chaos. People swarming like ants and struggling to make their own world a better place to live. Why are they doing that? The struggle is not pleasant for them as well. They could end it all in one go but they do not. Why?

Don't jump. Live. 1
&Quot;Hope Is A Good Thing, Maybe The Best Of Things&Quot;

Many would say they struggle for their family. Others would say that they do it for their own happiness. Some would say that are scared of death for numerous reasons ranging from religious beliefs to hypothetical scenarios of them surviving. Like this, every person out there has their own reasons and explanations to help them sleep better.

People want everything around them to make sense, events to fit like a perfect piece of puzzle and then they are happy. They are comfortable discussing people, seeking happiness in small things in their monotonous routine.

The truth, according to me, is that this whole life and the mad race for success and power makes no sense. Then why are we living? Why do we aspire? And why do we do things that are not always comfortable? These questions are the beginning of the journey which can either lead us to the answers or the top of skyscraper with tears in our eyes.

I ask the person on the skyscraper: Why does the earth revolve and rotate continuously? Why does the maternal instinct exist? Why did you dream if you did not have the courage to face the consequences? The earth rotates because it is supposed to rotate and support life. Maternal instinct exists because that protects the life of the siblings. Dreams exist because it is dreams and aspirations that fuel your life. And this is what I tell myself when I face adversity. I believe in life and I build more dreams on the graveyard of dead dreams. That helps me sleep better.

Had a woman facing financial troubles raising her children committed suicide we would have never enjoyed a thrilling journey to a land of Hogwarts. She gave the world a reason to believe and a reason to smile. Had a man who was losing elections every time he tried committed suicide the world wouldn’t have seen a great leader. Lincoln gave hope to humanity. There are thousands of other cases which we all know of.

I know that the chance of such a miracle occurring to you is well, negligible. But we all live for that small chance and those miracles like love, birth and experiences that enrich our life. The people and happenings that give a meaning to the long run.

My request to thousands of people facing adversities at different levels is that please, never ever give up on the universe. Things do change and nothing lasts forever.

Because hope is a good thingShawshank Redemption

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