Don’t Compromise Your Health: 4 Simple Checks Every Woman Should Do

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Between building a career and forming a family, we tend to neglect the number one priority – our health. As our mind matures, our body does too – it grows, it changes, and, naturally, it weakens. Therefore, the necessity for health checkups increases with each year gone by. You know what they say – “prevention is better than the cure” – and this couldn’t be truer. Below are four simple checks every woman should do regularly to remain healthy and happy.

Eye Health

Let’s talk about your precious eyes. The bad news is that 2/3 of visual impairment and blindness happen to us! The good news is that 3/4 of visual impairments are preventable. However, prevention seems almost impossible in an era of screens buzzing from early morning to late night. This constant exposure to screens is exactly why you should be diligent in visiting your ophthalmologist.

Moreover, if you notice any problems, such as blurring vision, occasional headaches, eye strain, or any sort of sensitivity to light, book your appointment as soon as possible – you can undergo full-service eye examinations quickly and efficiently by a professional Macquarie Centre optometrist.Recording Blood Pressure

Blood and heart

Well, first and foremost, your heart. It’s not for nothing that the elderly always say we must never ignore issues with heart and blood pressure. Teach yourself that doctor routines are good and may even be essential in keeping your heart pounding. Even if you believe you lead a super-healthy lifestyle, try to make some time for annual heart checkups. If this isn’t convincing enough, be aware that heart disease is a leading cause of death in women worldwide.

When it comes to blood pressure, you have zero excuses not to address this since hundreds of available gadgets can check your blood pressure from time to time.

Hormonal balance

A hormonal imbalance is common in women of all ages, regardless of their lifestyles. The problem is that most of the time, women misread the symptoms, attributing them to other causes and thus ignoring the possibility of a hormonal imbalance. Your hormones play an integral role in your overall health and can have various repercussions, from mild mood swings, brittle nails, and dry skin, to more severe conditions like depression.

A broad range of symptoms could signal a hormonal imbalance, the most common being fatigue, hot flashes, night sweats, and insomnia. And luckily, these checkups as super-easy and fast – a simple saliva test will tell you all about your hormones. Doctor Patient Chat

Gynecological health

Once a woman enters her mid-20s, especially her 30s, gynecological checkups are necessary. Annual gynecological exams are crucial to maintaining good health if you are a woman. In case of any symptoms, pains or doubts of STDs, see a gynecologist as soon as possible.

Early detection of health issues such as yeast infections, sexually transmitted infections, and even cancer can help prevent more serious problems and save your life in more severe cases. These examinations usually include a pelvic exam and a Pap smear to detect the presence of any abnormalities. In case of yeast infection in the vagina, the doctor can advise to take probiotics for BV.

Just like almost everything else in our lives, age is a double-edged sword. Once we accept the fact that we aren’t invincible, we will be able to take the right care of both our body and mind. From healthy morning routines, through regular physical activities, to a balanced diet, there are plenty of ways to improve our overall wellbeing and stop the years from taking away our youth, energy and strength. The most immediate form of preventing, treating, and preserving our health is regular health checkups we shared above.

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