What is the Difference Between Commercial and Residential Furniture?

commercial furniture
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Many of us assume that there is no difference in any of the furniture whether it is commercial or residential; it is all the same. It is a high chance that even you are in the same category as an average person a desk looks the same whether you take an office desk or the desk from your home. But this is not true. There are some differences between the residential furniture and the commercial one which one should consider.

If you are one of those people who are planning to upgrade your furniture, then it is important that you must be aware of these distinctions so as to make the best choice.

Let’s take a look at some of the major differences below:

Quality and long-lastingness of furniture

When you go to buy furniture for the home, it is just for your personal needs. The money you are putting in is your own and hence you will use it with utmost care and perfection to make sure that your investment is lasting for a longer time. But when it comes to office furniture, it is not getting the same respect and luxury as residential furniture. People might use it with harshness, and you can’t stop them.

Also, based on the number of people at the workplace, the furniture at the office might be used for a longer time. It might be a case that a chair in the waiting area in the office will be used for the entire day but the recliner in your drawing room will be used only at weekends.

It is also not possible to identify who will use the office chair, what will be the weight and the size of the people. Hence, the furniture at commercial sites has to go through rough and tough times. Therefore, you should buy the items from a trusted office furniture manufacturer who can actually provide the best quality products.

Use of the right thread for the office furniture

When we talk about the fabric, office furniture is made up of certain fabrics that are not commonly found in residential furniture. While choosing the home furniture, you know who all will use it. If you have pets at home, you will definitely not go for microfiber material as it will trap the pet’s hair and will require cleaning all the time.

With office furniture, you can’t predict usage. Hence, you need to take furniture which is manufactured with easy to clean fabrics and the ones which are resistant to stains and tearing as well.  The fabric should be more robust and protective of any odours and other damages.

Colour choice

When it comes to home furniture, you can choose different colours and do various experiments to check out what can suit your place. But when it comes to office furniture, you need to be very particular about the workplace looks; the professional attire of the place can make a lot of difference to the productivity of the place.

These are some important differences which if kept in mind can lead to making you better decisions while doing the purchase.

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