DeeTee to hold special convocation for MIT Graduates on 12th November

One Last Time?!

It’s the place most “passed out” MITians miss more than their college. Some of them must have had more than 80% attendance here. No matter how much you are pissed off, if you head to this place, all sorrows/disappointments vanish in no time. Such is the cathartic effect this place has on its devotees.  DeeTee, a popular pub in Manipal known for good music and which is an important part of student life in this University town in Coastal Karnataka, will throw its doors open for all graduates one-last-time.

Dee Tee Manipal
One Last Time?!

As a gesture of goodwill, the DeeTee management has come up with the idea of holding a special convocation for its customers from MIT. It is scheduled to take place on November 12, at DeeTee, Manipal. The chief guest for the occasion will be Verdant Mallya, a distant relative of the Kingfisher group.

Gold Medals will be awarded to top 3 “boozers” in DeeTee during their 4 years of engineering. They have been selected based on the recommendation of committee comprising all the waiters at the place. The communication has already been sent to them about this and all of them confirmed their participation. Other customers will be given Degree of Merit.

Drinks and food will be provided free by the management. There are also arrangements for the customers who will pass out after drinking. Those eligible students who wish to attend the convocation must register themselves for the event. The full details about this will be released shortly, through the SMS channel of regular visitors.

After coming to know about this event, many MIT alumni expressed surprise and happiness. “I am really touched by this initiative. DeeTee always has a special place in the hearts of MITians. But this gesture takes that to next level,” said Daaru Das, a chemical engineering degree holder. Another alumnus Nasha Nair thanked and expressed her love for DeeTee via her Facebook status.

She wrote,

[quote]”I luv u deeteeee …It’s so chweet of you Muaahhh,”[/quote]

which incidentally received 1530 likes and 592 comments so far.

DeeTee management has apologized to customers from other colleges for not honoring them with a degree citing cost and space constraints. But an exception is made in case of MIC alumni,who will be special invitees for the event.

Meanwhile, Police commissioner of Manipal assured full security to the event. Sensing trouble from the members of Bandi Jagrana Vedike, who vandalised and molested mannequins in Manipal sometime back, police are planning to arrest them in advance as a preëmptive measure.

P.S: All the facts in this article are made up! But you already knew that didn’t you?

About the Author: The author of this article wishes to remain anonymous. However he asserts that he does not belong to any community and neither to the anonymous community. He wrote this article for peace of mind.


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