De-ja-vu: Here comes the exam time

Wondering what to write?

Scratch scratch: The myth of keeping it clean

Exam time is one of the most torrid period endured by students. You suddenly start counting days, track dates, dare not to reset the alarm time after first alarm ring and clamp down daily outbound activities. Cuisine menu of restaurants are replaced by unpalatable syllabus paper. Dust(courtesy: books by the virtue of being abandoned customers) are wiped off from the newly inaugurated texts. The ‘which portions to study and which not’ phobia revisits the patient of preparation. Given the tightening grip of exam fever, any examinee would hate to strike-off or scratch any words in the answer sheet. Reason? Brevity fetched marks. Although this perception might not be endorsed by all of us, but we would agree on the statement that lack of brevity hinders marks.

Wondering what to write?
Worse happens when you see unexpected people subscribing additional.

Cross: The OMG moment

Astonishingly, ears(not mind) are the sharpest  sensory organ in the examination hall. A sound of strike of pen gives an impression of someone re-working his/her earlier attempt (after crossing off the old answer). This is one of those rare moments which picks up the morale of others (especially of neighbors) in the examination hall. At least if someone else has it wrong, why can’t I? The matter turns out to be a cream on cake if that ‘someone’ happens to be a podium finisher.

On the contrary, a sound of pencil ignites the candle of weariness (pencils by the virtue of brevity aid tools). However these assumptions may be wrong at times.

Bench strength: Drills and Excercises

There are people who have tendency of rushing out of examination hall as soon as possible. On other end, there are many who sit intact till the invigilator comes to collect answer sheet after yelling ‘time is up, stop writing‘ some five-six times. In case of idle time, you suddenly realize the need to stretch your body, perform asanas and take short naps. There are the ‘whatever happens, we would study next time’ and ‘study constantly and write precise’ who sometime stun the early walkers by daring to exit earlier.

32,12 or 6: Additional Gyaan

Excuse me Mam/Sir, additional sheet please’

Nothing can stir the class more than this line(is the examination is a mundane one). Worse happens when you see unexpected people subscribing additional. Further, the myth of additional sheet gets busted the day you discover that your classmate writes on a font size of 32 and leaves 2-3 inches margin between answers.  Soon you start ignoring the perils of an additional.

The myth of the additional being mapped to the knowledge of student is slowly unleashed with time, as students realize the power of presenting answer in points. And victory would be guaranteed the day when we write history exams in precise bullet points.

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