Dangerous Liaisons – Diksha Sonal


Dangerous liaisons - diksha sonal 1Shakespeare told who flatters thee

Is no friend in misery?

-Had people heard they wouldn’t

Starve for love and end up in penury.


The world is a counterfeit, where

Truth is just so precarious.

People have not feelings but intentions cruel

And, liaisons so dangerous.


In this world of veiled emotions,

Where only the sinner has some peace,

Vices outgrow all virtues and there is

No silver lining amidst dark clouds, just fleece.


In the reins of unruly lust, silently

Watches the redeemer- his own creation

Awaiting the judgment day, when only

The heart sans sins will be rewarded and the Judas-destruction.


To survive in this world, listen to your conscience

Because the material body is trapped in material deep.

And ahead are crypts in labyrinthine with steel

Doors of loneliness, through which fears creep.


Hence don’t fall for dangerous liaisons

Which give you but sorrow, pain and grief.

Remember the world is a stage of play acting

And your part is just so brief.

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