Daily Musings

Stuck in time,
Everyday is a repeat,
You better stay in line,
Or the consequences won’t be neat.

Sitting in our rooms,
Wasting away,
Inhaling toxic fumes,
Digging our graves.

Submitting to the devil,
Worrisome thoughts brew,
Everyone’s got their own problems,
Cares are given by too few.

Bombs and terrorists ravage the world,
Swine flu has its day,
But instead of doing something bold,
I’m stuck here studying Corynebacterium diphtheriae.

This is what goes through my mind everyday. So many calamities are happening, there is so much destruction and chaos and yet here we are, constantly self involved, stuck in our own minds and our own life. There’s so much stuff to do to carry forward our own existence, I wonder whether we’ll ever have the time to make a difference.

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