CSE Vs CCE Vs IT at Manipal University Jaipur

I’m writing this to solve some of the doubts that a lot of you are facing these days.

This post deals majorly with CSE, IT and CCE at Manipal University Jaipur.

Difference between CSE, CCE and IT –

  • CSE and IT are identical till the 5th semester except for a lab that CSE has and IT does not (IT isn’t missing out on much trust me).
  • In the 6th semester, IT has Data mining whereas CSE has Computer Graphics(this being the only difference).
  • In the 7th semester, CSE has Big Data and Internet Security Systems whereas IT has Advance Data structure and Cryptography.
  • Along with this, each of these 3 streams have 4 electives in the 7th sem which means anyone can choose anything.
  • In short, out of around 42-45 subjects,the college has only changed 3-4 subjects from their side in your 4 years of Btech.
  • Coming to CCE, till the 4th sem, all the 3 branches run parallel. In the 5th and 6th sem there is a difference of 3-4 subjects because CCE is inclined towards network side as well.

Why do people still prefer CSE over IT or CCE –

  • This comes from a CSE a student, no one cares which branch you are from.
  • There’s a guy who lives 2 rooms away from mine, he is in ECE and he codes better than I do.
  • Your degree does not count after a while. Your skill does. A company won’t recruit you if you don’t know shit, it will take that ECE graduate because he’ll be of use to them.

Placements at MUJ– (Click on the link for detailed review)

  • Anyone who says that CCE has good placements is lying.
  • Not because it doesn’t but because the first batch of CCE will graduate in 2019. 1f61b
  • Also, CCE, IT and CSE will sit for the same companies when the companies come for placements.
  • Even ECE can sit for most of them.

How good are the placements at MUJ?

  • 8-10 mass recruiters visit the campus. A fair amount of companies giving 4-6 lpa come. The number of companies offering >8 lpa is less.
  • Around 25-30 companies visit the campus and these are the companies I know of(it may be more)
  • The companies majorly come to offer the role of software developer or data analyst.
  • The highest package that has been offered was to a student by Amazon. 26 lpa.

Faculty for CSE, CCE and IT at MUJ-

  • They are the same. This year a teacher can be from CSE department and teach in sections of CCE and next year he can be of CCE department and teach in IT department sections, they keep rotating the faculty.
  • Their quality- I would rate them a 7/10. Some of the teachers are really good and some aren’t. Some are really cooperating and some aren’t. Some are approachable, some aren’t.
  • But the Director and most of the senior faculty members are very approachable and are regularly taking initiatives even outside the classrooms to enhance the skill set of the students.

Projects at Manipal University Jaipur-

You can take up projects under any teacher, all you need is a problem statement and then you need to find the teacher who has specialty in that domain. Most teachers will start taking you more seriously in the second year though.

What if you don’t know programming –

Don’t worry, you can always learn. You can take up online courses in these vacations or you can actually chill (better option). There is plenty of time after 5PM for you to practice if you want to. My roommate didn’t know coding before coming to college, he’s getting a CGPA of 9.2 right now and has done several projects. Chill.

Can you also score a good GPA(9+) and get a good job after 4 years at MUJ? –

I don’t know, but if you work hard then you surely can and even if you don’t, just try and enjoy the ride and try to find your passion (isn’t that what most engineering graduates do).

Student Clubs at Manipal University Jaipur-

We have a dead club called Randomize (I don’t know if it still exists) and we have ACM which is pretty active and takes evening classes for all those who wish to learn.

Intra sliding from IT or CCE to CSE at MUJ-

Abhi to bataya ki degree se farak nahi padhta. Still if it matters so much, usually there are 6-7 seats that are up for grabs and people who score a GPA of 9.5+ usually get it.

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  1. Hey thanks for this! This was really useful although I wish you had talked a little more in depth about cce. Am getting cse at manipal jaipur but still thinking of going for cce because I don’t want to restrict myself to just coding, am not sure if I even enjoy it that much.
    Amazing blog,keep it up!

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