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Annual day. It’s the day when we celebrate the spirit that kept us going all through the past year and an introspection day when we sing to rejoice and reframe the goals for the upcoming year. Our school annual days are still afresh in our memory. You may think a corporate annual day might be boring. Let’s clear it out!

Welcome to Virtually There (VT) – V9, version nine, one behind the double digit!

Last year when I attended my first office annual day, I was expecting a lot of figures to bounce over my head. But fortunately, that didn’t really happen. Instead I was bowled over by the performance of talented colleagues around, and for my surprise, our Managing Director (MD) lead from the front with his Dabangg cameo. Visions, achievements and goals were sneaked in a way that reached everyone without a single dull moment.

This year promised more excitement and it took no time before we got into groove. I made a choice this time. I wanted to give a shot for drama. Auditions took place when 3 weeks were remaining. God knows how my director (who played the lead, amazing actor!) selected the cast. Raw script with dialogues was handed over. That was first and last day when we practiced with that sheet of paper!

Theatre was one which I always wanted to try. I remember doing small skits in schools. But, I got the actual taste of it when I worked for couple of months for Dramanon Manipal in production. Although it was a small stint, I got an insight on what goes around and naturally my respect for stage artists doubled!

This annual day, it was competition between 4 large teams. Concept was based on super hero and 4 fields of evaluation- 4D’s- Dance, Drama, Decibel (Singing) and Design (Fashion show).  Every team got 20min to perform and win over judges (I vaguely remember- Richard David Tholoor was one of them) and audience. I was part of drama team. Lot of promotions went on when there was a week left to go. Flash mobs, publicity, banners, teasers, gimmicks, surprise chocolates and cakes, ahh, intensity was at its peak. Meanwhile all team were training hard for the show. And our script got changed at least 20 times!

Our MD had different plans this time; to give his key note he made a literally flying entry on stage in his red Spiderman attire. We did skip a heartbeat! We were ready for the show. Battle was fought with true sportsman spirit. As a team, we came 2nd. Drama we bagged first place.

In the end, organizers were the true winners. They knew how to get out the innovations from the employees. They knew how to make us feel at home. They knew how to create that feeling of belonging. You only perform only if you belong there, right?!

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