Comedy Club Manipal’s “Jokes Apart” pulled people together to laugh heartily

Comedy Club Manipal, one of the premier Comedy based clubs of Manipal organised a stand up event on 30th October at Chillspace, one of the “to-go” locations for Manipalites here. The homely atmosphere of the place mixed with the friendliness of the hosts made the audience feel welcome and comfortable though some hitches made the event fall a bit behind in schedule. The Manipal Digest team attending the event tries to recap the event through the lens of Sanjana Rajeev.

The two hour laughter marathon begun at around 7:15 pm, which begun with the performance of Arushi Gupta which left the audience in splits with her relatable strict family centered jokes. along with others

She was followed by Abbas Shifan, who turned to dark jokes real quick with some brilliant one liners which did hit the conscience of some people that if they should laugh to the joke or not after the perfect delivery of each line.

Karthik Shetty followed up with his vast treasure book of relatable stories beginning with sibling rivalry, whose every punchline hit the right chord with the audience and left them guffawing at the end.

Following up was Gokul Kumar whose quirky attitude with his great delivery of jokes, most of them subtle made the audience laugh throughout his set.

Ayesha Siddiqui followed up with a short and powerful set based on the lines of her faith along with her beliefs on certain topics made the audience guffaw at her punchlines.

The ending set was done by Vishal Sivakumar, alias Ramesh who tried for a more interactive session with the audience and his long set did not disappoint anyone as the tone kept changing from normal humor to dark along the lines of relatable issues including social and political ones.

The team put together a lot of hard work and delivered their sets perfectly for the audience, making the event a big success in it’s own terms.

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