CNN-IBN’s Sagarika Ghose to do a story on bad condition of Manipal roads on ‘Face The Nation’

In what could be good news to Manipal students, CNN-IBN Deputy Editor Sagarika Ghose has decided to take up the issue of bad roads in Manipal and draw the nation’s attention towards it. This will be discussed on her popular show ‘Face The Nation’ tomorrow. Chairman of Manipal Universal Learning Mohandas Pai is expected to join the show as a panelist.

She tweeted, “Tomorrow on FTN. Doesn’t an international university town like Manipal deserve good roads? What is the Government doing? Tweet or Skype.”

Sagarika Ghose was in Manipal a couple of days back to visit her son who is a student of Manipal University. She was appalled at the state of roads in the town and criticized authorities through her twitter account.

Face The Nation - Sagarika Ghose Manipal

“In Manipal today to visit my son. Great weather but the state of roads is disgusting. Potholes and puddles everywhere. What is Congress government doing?”

When one of her followers reminded that the Congress Govt. is newly elected and those roads were laid during BJP regime, she went ballistic on BJP through a series of tweets.

“One more example how previous BJP  Govt. messed up in Karnataka. Such a pathetic condition of roads in Manipal..So much for ‘party with a difference’..” “Instead of doing NaMo bhajans all the time, internet Hindus should have asked their BJP Govt. to lay good quality roads.”

“Will the present Congress Govt. in Karnataka learn from BJP’s mistakes? Wait and see…”

Students of Manipal expressed happiness over this move by Ghose. “Good to see Sagarika ma’m highlighting our problem. I will tweet her other problems of Manipal too and if ION obliges me, I will use Skype as well,” said one of the students.

After the show, the issue is expected to cause huge outrage in the nation. A few months back, Sagarika Ghose raved about Manipal and was responsible for trending ‘Manipal’ on twitter.

P.S.: All facts mentioned in this article are Fiction.
But we guess, you already knew that, didn't you?

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