Clothes are person’s promotional package

Photo: Kwajay Post

I have learned a multitude of things through the experiences arising from people’s reaction to my style of dress. The problem is that there isn’t enough space to print all the amusing anecdotes. Besides, I find people’s attention span is somewhat limited. Therefore. I will try to make this as brief as possible.

Remember, how you were always taught to believe you should never judge a book by its cover? Well, that statement can be as misleading as it is accurate. I sincerely believe you are what you wear. Or, what you wear says who and what you are.

One’s style of dress may be indicative of ones one pretentiousness, insecurity, self-confidence or whatever. Physical appearances tell us a lot about the real person within, and the way he/she wants everybody else to perceive him/her.

The clothes people wear to adorn their bodies are in reality promotional packages which are supposed to sell a specific image to the public, or, as in some cases, to a particular group of people. In simplified terms, what this means is people, for the most part, try to appeal to, and attract someone similar to them through the clothes they wear.

Photo: Kwajay Post
Photo: Kwajay Post

What a person wears may also be a form of self-expression. People often make statements simply by sporting a certain fashion. In essence, the statement registered by someone’s dress mode can be an authentic one or it could be a pretentious attempt to give the appearance of something which is not.

With regards to my style of dress and the reactions I receive, I often feel like I’m persecuted by strangers who misjudge me and put me down because of the way I look. For some reason, my physical appearance seems to attract an odd-lot of wierdos who think or act like they know me. I guess I remind them of someone they know.

I’ve been in many situations where perfect strangers approach me and strike up conversations with the confidence of a close friend. And the outrageous comments and questions asked of me by these people is simply incredible.

You have to understand that part of my ideology includes the defiance of senseless conventionalism and useless tradition. People have the right to be themselves and express their feelings through whatever form it is they choose.


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