Why is the class so silent?

Have they to others their words lent?

Or are they all merrily asleep?

Attending class in slumbers deep?

A whisper of the word assignment

Blank faces of utter astonishment

Sinking hearts start arguments

Not in the morning, no disappointment

Their plea is heard and answered

Another day is the test feared

Till then everyone must fight

To keep their eyes open to the light

To not give in to calm darkness

Of blessed peace promised by sleepiness

But alas that door is barred

For we wish to not be scarred

By the sword of attendance wielded

By professors, we cant be shielded

Their voices grate on our ears

Portions and assignments are our fears

We are all tired and stressed

Our eyes are watery and strained

We are drained and lifeless

Zombies trying to play chess

We need sleep and comfort and rest

To bring out in us the best

It is after all time to grow

It is time to many seeds sow

It is time to love and learn

It is time to truly burn

To burn for all the wrongs

And then to dance to the songs

And be who we want to be

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  1. Wow! 😀
    I totally LOVED this!!!! (?o?)/
    Mission – Lets bring a smile to someone : SUCCESS
    I really think that poems seem to be your strength ; )
    You’ve got a fan! *not the kind which are electric or stuck on the ceiling* *Me* *giggles*
    Can’t wait to see more from you! 🙂

    I really hope that you’re sleeping enough and eating well now that your exams are over

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