Check seat availability in the train prior to your itinerary planning

How does it feel when you do not get the desirable services even after your readiness to spend the required amounts? It really irritates isn’t it? Same is the feeling with services such as railway. There was a time when the train passengers had to undergo tremendous sufferings even after paying the full charges. Planning the itinerary in earlier days was quite a tough task as it was difficult to get the information about the availability of seats in the trains. Going to the railway station or the ticket booking offices and standing for hours just to get the seat availability was a tedious and troublesome task. The people had to waste much time, money and energy to know the seat availability and yet they did not find the services satisfactory. Even proper response was also not available through different mediums as system was not so perfect.


Technology and train services

With technological advancement in every sphere of life and development of different platforms, the train services in India also have improved immensely. Due to the ample use of technology, the railway services in India have risen to the commendable level and hope that in coming years the train journey would be much more comfortable and luxurious in comparison to its past performance as well as other mediums of transportation. Now sitting at your home comfort you can track the status of the running train, check the PNR status, know availability of the seats, book the tickets and many more related tasks can be done with the help of technology with few clicks on your computer or by few messages.

How to check the seat availability in the trains?

If you have access to the internet, you can find out the seat availability in easy and simple steps. There are certain websites that render you the information about the seat availability. You can simply type your queries on search engines, and you will come across several websites offering you the services. Once you get to such websites, you can follow the simple steps. On the home page of such websites, you will come across some icons with brief information. The icons include PNR check, fare inquiry, train between stations and seat availability etc. You can click on to the icon indicating seat availability, and the next page will be shown with some spaces. Here you need to fill the required information like stations, train name or number and journey date etc. After filling up the forms you can click ‘OK’ and you can get the information about seat availability.

Thanks to technology

All these have become possible due to the application of technology in railways. You can now check all the required services like PNR status, seat availability, and train between stations, fare and many other services. As a person of new generation you may not understand the ordeals that the people of earlier generations. You are certainly fortunate to have been born in an age where you can enjoy the luxury of technology.

About the Author:- This article on Seat Availability is written by Jatin Batra who is working at which provides food delivery services in trains all over India.

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