Who is next

Heir to the throne…who is next?

Throughout the history of the Royal Family, the question on everyone’s lips is always: who is next? There have been times when the absence of an heir to the throne has resulted in a full-blown succession crisis. This notably happened

Vidya balan sherni review

Sherni – Spoiler Free Review

Ah, to be at home at all time without anything to do (Other than gazillion pending work), What better to do than watch something new?  What’s new you ask? The Vidya Balan starrer, Sherni on Amazon Prime Videos, of course, and

K-pop sensations bts3

The Soaring Sensation of K-POP

K-Pop the name evokes some interesting music choices. BTS. Blackpink. EXO. Seventeen. Twice. GOT7. If you aren’t already fangirling/fanboying over them, you’ve at least come across these band names. Even if you haven’t heard of any of them, you’ve jammed