Can you write an article a day?

Can you write an article a day? Not everyone can do this from the get-go. Your brain has to come up with the ideas.

What is your blog about? For this article let’s say it’s about apples…

Sit down and write a list of topics that you could talk about related to apples. Brainstorm away…

Can’t think of anything! Here is an excellent place to start: For a change of pace, there is the library.

Now there be a lot of apple topics. You definitely should narrow it down to a niche topic or two — the more niched, the better. You’ll be able to target your audience better, and the Search Engines will like you better if you’re focused.

Now, got your list. Now take that list and put that list in order of relevancy. Focus on the topics that are related to what your blog all is about? As time goes on, you’ll add to this list. When new products come onto the scene. When your subject’s in the news… Maybe some of the topics will be broken into several sessions…

Then each day grab a topic off your list and write about it!

What are you going to say? Don’t worry about it. Just start typing. It’ll come.

You have to learn to let go. Relax. Let your mind do the typing.

If you want to, write out an outline first, then get writing. Don’t try to be perfect. You may have to fine-tune it after you’re done, but you’ll have done it! You acted. You’ll get better as time goes on.

You don’t have to do much. 500-600 words a day will do. Just enough for the search engines to find some new content.

Pay some attention to a few keywords. Try to optimize a little for those. In other words, maybe repeat the main words or phrases of the topic a few times. If you’re talking apple cake, mention the phrase apple cake a few times. Then the search engines will know what your article or content is about.

You will probably only need to set aside a half-hour a day once you get good at it. Now get writing…..

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