Can You Get Better Sleep With Kava?

What exactly is kava? It is a root that grows in the islands of the South Pacific. For millennia, locals have used it as medicine and in rituals.

It has a relaxing effect, causing alterations in brain waves similar to those seen with sedatives like diazepam (Valium, for example). It can also help with muscle relaxation and preventing convulsions. While kava is not addictive, its effects may diminish over time.

Kava root, traditionally used as a tea, is also accessible as a nutritional supplement in powdered form and tincture (an alcohol-based extract).

What is the purpose of kava?

The soothing impact of kava may help with anxiety, unrest, insomnia, and stress-related signs such as muscle spasms and tension. It may also help with pain relief.

It does not impair mental sharpness when used to treat anxiety or stress. It improves deep sleep without interfering with peaceful REM sleep when used to treat sleep disorders. How amazing is that to hear?

Anti-anxiety medications such as tricyclic antidepressants and benzodiazepines can be replaced with kava. These prescription medicines should never be combined with it. When taking it, stay away from alcohol. Check out this link to find out more exciting details about the topic.

Cognitive advantages

Kava had long been thought to be a helpful nootropic. New research has confirmed that it has cognitive-enhancing properties. Okay, it’s not like Dr. Strange. With your mind, you can’t change existence or move things. (However, if you attempt, please include videos.)

There had been a significant increase in each subject’s spatial perception and improvements in memory-based tasks in fully healthy people. That’s a perk that everyone will appreciate.

Reaction time and visual recognition agility have both improved in similar tests. Subjects who took kava supplements were able to distinguish items faster than those who did not. While the exact reasons behind these benefits are unknown and more investigation is necessary, it is hypothesized that the test participants’ improved performance is attributable to a reduction in anxiety.

Stress-reducing properties

reduce stress with kavaIt is most commonly used to relieve anxiety and tension. It could possibly be a viable treatment option for the signs of specific anxiety disorders. With 40 million U.S. adults suffering from anxiety disorders, it’s no wonder that many people choose natural remedies over pharmaceuticals. Plus, sometimes medications don’t even work at all. Why continue taking them if they don’t provide the necessary outcome.

One of the advantages of utilizing kava to treat anxiety and stress is that it does not require the patient to wait 15 to 30 minutes for a tablet to take effect. Unlike most drugs available to treat depression and anxiety, kava has few side effects and concerns.

Compared to standard stress-relieving drugs such as alcohol and others, the effects are also believed to be gentler on the body. For millennia, it has been used in indigenous Pacific Island medicine to naturally relieve stress and anxiety without severe side effects or harmful intoxication.

Anti-anxiety properties

Kava is most commonly used to relieve tension and anxiety. It may help relieve the symptoms of mental illnesses, according to research.

For six weeks, investigators gave 75 participants with anxiety problems either kava extract or a placebo medication in a randomized clinical study from 2013.

They discovered that it had a minor but substantial effect on lowering anxiety symptoms at the end of the research. Apart from headaches, no other side effects or liver concerns were reported by the subjects.

According to the authors, it might be an effective short-term treatment for anxiety disorders.

As per a 2011 review research, it may help with stress and anxiety. However, the authors state that more research into the therapy’s safety and efficacy is required before it can be suggested.

According to the National Institutes of Health, research on the usefulness of kava yields inconsistent results. As a result, it’s difficult to draw any definitive conclusions on how successful it is at treating anxiety. Click on this page to find out more.

Sleep-inducing properties

sleep with kavaBecause of its anxiolytic properties, it may aid in sleep induction. As a result, it’s also used as an alternate treatment for sleep disturbances.

Nevertheless, a systematic review published in 2015 found little evidence that kava can aid in treating sleep disturbances. Other herbal medications, such as valerian, chamomile, and Wuling, were similarly found to have no proof. But, this doesn’t stop people from using them still. After all, it’s better to drink tea than coffee.

What is the best way to utilize it?

The root is traditionally ground into a powder and mixed with water or boiled into a tea. Some stores sell kava tea that has already been prepared.

The medicine is available in a liquid form that can be mixed with other beverages such as juice. Powdered kava is also accessible in tablets and pills. According to research, the ideal dose each day may be less than 250 milligrams.

Possible negative consequences

The utility of kava is still debatable. While some feel that it can be used safely to relieve anxiety in the short term, others argue that the hazards far exceed the benefits.

Mouth numbness, indigestion, rash, drowsiness, headache, and vision abnormalities are typical side effects, even with short-term use. Long-term use can have disastrous repercussions in some circumstances.


It is an herbal medicine that helps individuals relax and sleep better. However, concerns that it can cause significant liver damage have researchers concerned. That’s why it is essential to do enough research to find out if this is what you want. You can also talk to a doctor about your options. The more you know, the better.

Although this chemical has been outlawed in several nations, it is currently permitted in the United States. However, the FDA has issued a warning against its use.

People may also want to try additional herbal medicines and changes in lifestyle to alleviate anxiety and enhance sleep as a result of these issues.

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