Calling All Students: Are Your Lectures Letting You Down?

College is exciting for a variety of reasons. In many ways, your whole life has been leading to this point. Finally, your education is in your hands. No more subjects you hate, and no more filling your head with anything unnecessary. Now, all your subjects are chosen by you. And, each one of them could take you closer to your dreams.

Which is why it can be so disappointing when lectures turn into let downs. You had everything riding on this class, and it seemed perfect. But, the lessons aren’t sticking, or you’re not enjoying them, or something just isn’t right!

When this happens, it’s easy to fall into panic mode. After all, this is the most important learning you’ll do! How can you even stand a chance at passing your exam if the lessons are going over your head?

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The good news is, it’s not unusual to feel a little lost during your first lectures. Often, these subjects will be new to you. You may well have been passionate about them for years, but your knowledge will be minimal. So, all that information is bound to be overwhelming.

For the most part, these feelings will dissipate as you move further into your college journey. Sometimes, though, certain lectures will continue to lag. If that’s the case, it’s important to consider the root of the issue. And, to help you get to the bottom of things, we’re going to look at a few common problems students face.

Something’s standing in your way

First, determine whether anything’s getting in the way of your enjoyment. Something as simple as not being able to see the board could hinder your experience in a significant way. As such, you may automatically shut off in lectures and start falling behind. Next time you’re in the offending class, consider how well you can see what’s happening. If you struggle to read your lecturer’s writing, it may be time to get your eyes checked. Until then, move further forward if you can.

Or, perhaps the issue is with your hearing. Many people don’t realize that they have hearing problems until in a situation like this. Lecture halls are, after all, much larger than the classrooms you’re used to. As such, your hearing needs to be much better. If you can only half hear what your lecturer is saying, it’s no wonder you’re having trouble engaging. If you think this is the case, get your hearing checked. You may find that a hearing aid, like those found from Hearing Aid Buyer Today, is all it takes to improve your learning. If you were suffering unaware, something like this could change your whole college game.

You don’t gel with your professor

If you’re sure nothing’s getting in the way of your learning, your issue could be as simple as the wrong lecturer. While we all dream of the incredible minds that will teach us during our uni days, we don’t always strike gold. Sometimes, a professor’s teaching style just doesn’t suit us. Perhaps you can’t stand the tone of their voice, or maybe you don’t like the way they construct their lectures. Whatever the reason, not liking your lecturer is a hard blow to take.

But, it’s not the end of the world. Most times, professors only stay with us for a matter of terms. As such, you should do everything possible to engage yourself for now and rest easy that a different teacher could change your feelings. In extreme cases, you could ask about deferring until a new lecturer is teaching your course.

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You’re in over your head

Sometimes, new students find lectures are at a more advanced level than they’re prepared for. If this is the case, it’s no wonder that those lectures sound like nonsense to you.

The good news is, this initial struggle doesn’t mean you can’t go on to achieve amazing grades. It just means you need to acknowledge the gap in your knowledge and get to work filling it. How you do this is up to you. You may choose to study the basics in your free time. Often, even just knowing keywords is enough to catch you up. Make sure, too, to take in-depth notes.

Or, you might want to head straight to your lecturer and ask about private sessions. All lecturers have office hours in which to guide students. Make the most of these in subjects you’re worried about. Express your concerns, and ask where you could improve.

It might also help to talk to other students on your course. They may admit to feeling as lost as you, which will help you stop worrying. Or, they may be able to explain something you didn’t understand.

It’s at the wrong time of day

This may seem strange, but the time of day you have your lecture makes a huge difference. Some people operate best in the mornings, while others aren’t functional until after 2pm. The bad news is, you can’t change a whole lecture to suit your personal time frame. But, you can find ways to make yourself more efficient during different times of the day. Perhaps eating a chocolate bar before an afternoon lecture will be enough to keep you awake. Or, maybe you should ensure you get up at least an hour before a morning lecture. That way, you’ll have time to get breakfast first.

The subject isn’t what you expected

As mentioned above, these subjects are new to you for the most part. As such, you may find that a subject you thought you’d love just doesn’t suit. If you’re at a point where you dread your lectures, and nothing else seems to blame, have a long hard think. If you catch this issue early, you may be able to swap subjects. All students are in the same boat, and you wouldn’t be alone. Either way, make a decision fast so that you don’t waste crucial time on a subject you’re not going to take forward with you.

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