Build Up : 2014 Lok Sabha Elections

In what would be called a well thought out move, the BJP anointed Mr. Narendra Modi as its pick for the Prime Ministerial candidature early on Friday in the absence of its mentor, philosopher and guide Mr.L.K. Advani. And as expected the senior BJP leader was left sulking and whining at the end of the day. While BJP seems all braced up for the upcoming polls the Congress camp is still in a fix and is analysing each move by BJP in silence, still contemplating and still undecided over Rahul Gandhi- the Gandhi scion.21rahul1
The interesting thing is both camps are aware of the pros and cons. While Modi’ elevation is set to work in BJP’s favour as the sentiments are running high post Muzaffarnagar riots and is sure to see a polarisation of Hindu electorates, there is a camp in Congress that feels Rahul Gandhi is not the man of the moment for now. So here we are, all set for the final showdown.oped-2016--621x414
For Congress it has always been the policies that have done the trick. While it was an anti- incumbency in 2004 that bolstered it to power, it was NREGAS in 2009. We are witnessing the Food Security Bill that Congress is banking upon this time around.
Every move is a well thought out one like the Chess Board. Each camp is reading into the mind of the other. Meanwhile the clock ticks and takes us closer to May 2014. Hang on country-men. Alliances will be broken and new ones will be made. Friends will turn into foes and old foes will embrace each other like long separated friends.Its Elections@2014.

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