How Good is Manipal University for the BSc Animation course?

BSc Animation MIC Manipal

Introduction to BSc Animation course

Do you love watching anime, or reading webtoons, or even watching cartoons and have a passion for art? If yes, then Manipal University provides you with the best opportunities which you should grab at once. As it is known, that Manipal University has a variety of courses, and in this pool of different classes, it even provides a BSc Animation course through the Manipal Institute of Communication (MIC).

Now you might think, why one would need to take a BSc Animation course and what are the benefits of getting a certified course in animation? To answer your questions, we have stated below the points and the reasons as to why you would need to have an accredited course in animation and what all benefits you will get at the end of the course.

Why do you need a certified course in animation?

Animation is a field where you can showcase your creativity, and even a mistake leads to the invention of something new. There are various reasons as to why you should take up a certified course in animation if you are passionate about sketching and want to set your career in this field. Below are the points which will suffice your curiosity.

  • You get to have diverse industries to work with. A course in animation can help you n getting a job in any company, as this field is applicable in every industry. Be it the gaming industry, chips factory, or media, and entertainment industry; animation finds its application everywhere.
  • The animation is at its peak in current times. It has enormous demands and industries are looking for a well-certified animator
  • You are getting paid to become creative! You draw out your fantasy and imagination and get paid for doing that. The field of animation is the other name of creation, and this animation course helps you in exploring your creativity and create something new with it.
  • You get to have job satisfaction. Nobody would like to work for 7-10 hours in an office with a job that they don’t love while making that person do a job, which is his/her passion, and you will get to see his pure dedication in it. The animation is one such field that provides the person with job satisfaction by creating new sketches.
  • A course in animation will help you in getting recognition as a certificate states that you are capable of creating new things with your imagination and that you are skilled enough for the job
  • The animation is one of the best career alternatives that you can get. With people having biased thoughts for certain career aspects, people were earlier afraid to make their passion as their job. But with the changing time, we see a high range in young adults embracing their passion as their career and are doing better than others.

Why should you choose Manipal University for BSc Animation course?

One of the most reputed universities with a range of courses, Manipal University, allows you to meet and mix with different people from different states and countries. Apart from that, Manipal University has the best faculties, which will help you throughout the course, with doubt clearing sessions, seminars, assignments, and exams. The classes will cover the entire course with the stipulated time, and at the end of the course, you will even get a certificate for it.

In last Eleven years, the Manipal Institute of Communication has become a preferred Institute among the studios, have the students placed in top animation companies in India and students being credited in more than 20 Hollywood titles. Having partnered with Autodesk as “Authorized Training Center” & ” Authorized Certification Center” has helped students gaining International recognized certificate, ensuring that they are trained on the latest updated technology from Autodesk.

An animation course from Manipal University is of the highest value as the university is dual accredited, which only a few universities have. Apart from the certificate that you get, the course improves your skills, improves your imagination power, and even teaches you new tricks and skills which will of a lot of help.

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  1. How can I join to manipal University for bsc animation 2022?what is the eligibility criteria ?is there any entrance exam for this course?

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