Book Review: Gifted (Inspiring Stories of People With Disabilities)


Title: Gifted: Inspiring Stories of People with Disabilities
Language: English
Author: Sudha Menon and V.R. Ferose
Genre:  Non-Fiction –   Self Help – Motivational and Inspirational
Publisher: Random House India
ISBN – 10: 8184005458
ISBN-13: 9788184005455
Binding: Paperback
Price: Rs. 299 (Buy from Amazon at Rs.210)
Pages: 304 Pages

What this book is about – Gifted: Inspiring Stories of People with Disabilities is a compilation of fifteen life stories of people with disabilities, who with their courage, exemplary conviction and an indomitable spirit made their lives worth emulating. The book is a deeply inspiring and heart-warming and  brings to light the inherent strength of the human spirit when faced with the most formidable challenges in life.


So What is the book about again?

VR Ferose, Senior Vice President and Head of Globalization Service for SAP AG and former Managing Director of SAP Labs India while working for the India Inclusion summit 2013, found several people who had reached the heights of success, despite getting an unfair treatment from life. He decided to write their stories and provide a glimpse into their struggles so as to provide others with inspiration and guide them in their daily life!

Whether it is sending the crowd into a roar of laughter by being a stand up comedian or tracking the big Cats in the dense jungles of the Indian subcontinent, this book emphasizes of determination, grit and will power of these people.

The book also tries to sensitize and create an awareness in the community about the needs of individuals who are differently able.

Book Review: When we meet people with disabilities, we either are at a loss of words or we become too sympathetic. We end up being insensitive or rude and end up in an embarrassing position. It is very rarely that we behave with them as normal human beings.

‘Gifted’ provides amazing stories of individuals who have achieved a lot despite their disabilities. It is as much a story about these individuals and at the same time of the people in their lives. It is about the families that helped them get ahead in life and about the friends who stood like pillars during times of need.

When we hear or read stories of people who have turned adversity into opportunity, doesn’t it motivate us? If we regularly read biographies and autobiographies of such people, won’t we stay motivated?

ManipalBlog rates this book 4 out of 5.

We would recommend every individual who reads the review, to read this book and understand how our society needs to be more inclusive and bring all individuals to an active footing! supports the India Inclusion Summit 2014 and is running a Writing Contest for IIS2014. There is Rs.10000 in cash prizes. 50 early birds and random entries will be receiving a copy of this book – Gifted: Inspiring Stories of People with Disabilities.

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You can purchase this book on Amazon or Flipkart.

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