Book Review: Awaken The Leader In You


Title: Awaken The Leader In You
Language: English
Author: Mitesh and Indu Khatri
Genre:  Non-Fiction –   Self Help
Publisher: Jaico Publishing House – Mumbai
ISBN – 10: 8184953836
ISBN-13: 9788184953831
Binding: Paperback
Price: Rs. 250 (Buy from Flipkart for Rs.200)
Pages: 188 Pages

Awaken the leader in you

What this book is about

Awaken The Leader in You discusses the Traits and Skills needed to be a successful Leader. Replete with inspiring leadership stories, exercises and simple-to-apply strategies, this is a step-by-step guide for any person who wants to develop the Entrepreneur Mindset and become a leader in his professional as well as personal life.

So What is the book about again?

As we complete our education and even during our undergraduate days, we are constantly thrown into a position were we are asked to take decisions that may last with us a life time. These decisions can either make us a leader in our particular field or take us down.

We at MIT, Manipal are constantly motivated to improve our leadership skills and increasingly pushed towards a more entrepreneurial role. But there are so many soft skills that aren’t taught to us. Leadership development is about moving you, inch by inch along a personal leadership continuum. Leadership isn’t just a way to speak, or a way of dealing with employees or team members. It’s about how you approach the world, and how you respond to it.

Book Review: The book is based on leadership workshops conducted by the author, Mitesh Khatri and is well structured into 11 chapters which are clear and carefully constructed to reach the minds of the young leaders of tomorrow. Leadership Values

Before the first chapter, there is a wheel depicting the essential leadership skills. The chapters are based on this wheel and  begin with the difference between an employee mindset and an entrepreneur mindset. Every chapter is clearly structure with a good number of tables and case studies to help you understand the concept. After each chapter there is a clear summary of the same, which adds to the value of the book.

Sometimes, the start of learning is simply pushing yourself into the unknown; totally outside of your comfort zone. In these situations, you have no choice but to learn! When everything around you is new, it forces you to pay close attention to people and to your environment. You become more acutely aware of the details, and you find yourself more often seeking to understand.

Well, there are a lot of self-help books in the market and this is one of them. But where this book differs is the way it has a clarity of thought and a structured approach necessary for those of us who live in confusion about which path we need to follow!

ManipalBlog rates this book 4.5 out of 5.

A must buy if you are planning to be a leader.  Flipkart is currently offering a 20% discount. You could also purchase this book from Amazon India (20% off) or Amazon global ($3.68).

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