Bloggers’ meet or say bloggers’ meat

Attributed to initiative taken by Communication college students here in manipal, my interest in blogging is revoked(at least for time being!!).Though on a small scale, the meeting conducted yesterday at one of the lecture hall in MIC, was probably the first of its kind in the history of manipal.To our amazement there are more than 500 bloggers in manipal, as figured out after thorough search by MIC students and therefore the data is trustworthy.

The theme of the meeting was to decide the theme of manipal media students convention 2008-to be held on 17th and 18th of April.All bloggers of manipal are invited and few from outside were extended the invitation.

The best part is nearly 10 big heads of their respective profession are coming- not to give speech but to attend so called ‘unconference’.I was thrilled to know that those people will be sitting with us for informal debate about anything (the thing behind anything is not decided and that is the best thing-thats how creative people like bloggers should meet.)

Undoubtedly this meet is gonna be a bulk of meat for us and all ‘like us fellows’

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