The blank canvas

I’m staring at a blank canvas right now,
ready to be painted,
IMG 0595 Stitch

in all its seemingly beautiful colours.

As an outcome of my transfixed gaze,
appears the quintessential question..
which colour should I choose?
my mind says blue
and my heart says green…
which stroke should i use?
what combo should i choose?
I don’t know the answer to any of these…
but something tells me for sure,
that whatever i do,
it must be,different..
the first one of its kind.
must be,what no one in the world,
has ever done before.
must be,what people will follow,
in years to come.
must be,what they call,
standing out in the crowd.
I’ve heard some people say,
that there are
only two kinds in this world:
some,who leave a MARK
and others,
who leave a STAIN.
Lets leave a mark, people..
let’s leave a mark,
on the canvas of LIFE.


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