BITS Pilani FAQs: M.Sc. Chemistry

How is M.Sc. Chemistry at BITS?

What are positives and negatives of M.Sc. Chemistry?

The Department of Chemistry at BITS Pilani, Hyderabad Campus is highly devoted towards teaching and research. The department comprises of the best faculty and best laboratories which caters to the ever growing research in various fields of Chemistry. Talking about the positives and negatives from the perspective of the student:

Chemistry is one of the disciplines which has a diverse scope and area of research. Faculty of Chemistry at BITS is highly experienced and dedicated towards teaching. All the laboratories hosts the latest and the best instruments which are out there in the industry giving you a hands on experience with the real industrial processes. Almost all the faculty have ongoing UGC funded research projects which is a seat of learning for many students who wants to get there research paper published.

What are good dual options with M.Sc. Chemistry and why?

Talking about the dual degree program and compatibility of Chemistry with your dual discipline. As you might have been already familiar with the fame of dual combination of Maths and Economics with Computer Science, or Physics with Electrical and Electronics, Chemistry though not directly, but indirectly definitely helps in your dual discipline. I know many students who have done amazing projects in college, to give you a example, like Organic Electronics where students with Chemistry and Electrical background got benefitted more because of their dual. Likewise, talking about placements, several companies even prefer dual degree students over single degree students because of their exhaustive knowledge about both the branches.

In the end, as a personal advice I would like to say to exercise all your choices before going for Msc Chemistry or rather any dual as a matter of fact. You will be investing next 5 years with a hectic schedule (Yes, Dual degree curriculum is tough and overloaded when compared with single degree’s curriculum). At this stage, 4 years and 5 years won’t ring much difference to your years but indeed there is bigger perspective to this in the long run. If you think you got no other choice, then definitely go for Msc Chemistry at BITS Hyderabad. Don’t worry about dual combination.

What is the scope of M.Sc. Chemistry in future?

If you “study well” in first year, you will be able to land in a branch of your choice for sure and a good placement too!

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