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In the ocean of pain, the fish of hope was born
When the ship of happiness wrecked , the sail was torn

Avoiding the predators of suffering it flee
But was blinded by the light of infatuation and could no longer see

The piranha of selfishness raced towards it
Planning to eat it bit by bit

As it lay there helpless without any fears
The dolphin of friendship whispered in its ears

Warned it of the upcoming harm
But it was so caught up in the charm

It so froze at brilliance of infatuation in sight
It gave up everything it wished without a fight

The dolphin of friendship let itself be bit
Because it took the fish of hope inside it

As the sharks of mistrust hunted it to near-death
It waited enough for the aftermath

Finally the moon of wisdom spread its twilight
And the fish of hope got out and was shocked at the sight

“So much pain you took for me
Kept me alive when I could not see”

When the whale of experience narrates to the naive
It says “Its friendship which keeps hopes alive”

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