Bhondoo @ MIT: Sex only brings trouble

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“I have come to the conclusion that premarital sex isn’t good for anything.” , Bhondoo concluded. People who have had sex wish they shouldn’t have and the ones who haven’t, wish they could.

Many women equate sex wilht love. They think that if they have sex with someone that the relationship will last forever. That is why they either have sex or don’t. The women who have sex and think their relationship will last forever are disillusioned when they are left after being used and end up despising sex and seeing it as evil. They see it as their heart being broken, not just their hymen.

To those women sex is bad. They wish they could take back all those times they had sex. They wish they could have stayed virgins until they were married so they could be sure of their partner’s love. Women who don’t have sex because relationships should last forever think that they’ll get dumped after having sex. They sit home and watch 90210 and think about how life has dealt Brenda the awful blow of losing Dylan after they have had sex.

They long to have the companionship of someone with whom they can share their most intimate feelings wilh and be in love with. The only barrier to this happiness is sex. They want to know what it like, but don’t want to go through the pain of losing love after having sex.

Some women have sex and do it as they were mopping the floor. They treat sex as a chore. They feel they have to have sex in order to be good women. The thought is that if they can keep a man satisfied sexually then they have done their job as women. They end up feeling ashamed of themselves for not enjoying sex. They too wish they hadn’t had sex. Of course there are women who enjoy doing chores.

They don’t see anything wrong with being the receptacle for their man’s child. Of course, those women are found only in a cheesy, hunks -on- the-cover romance novels. Virgins walk around wilh a feeling of being left out. Everything seems like the punch line you just don’t get. It’s worse when friends are having sex and talking about it. As a virgin it’s difficult not to wonder what it’s like to have sex.

Once an unmarried woman has had sex, she is grouped into the category of slut. People around her make her feel bad for having sex and she wishes she could take it back. If it were easy to take sex back, I am positive more than a few people would be virgins all over again.

Sex Sex Sex andMen in particular haven’t figured out what they want. They want to have sex before they are married, but want to marry a virgin. A woman whom they’ve had sex with suddenly isn’t good enough to take home to their mother. The only answer I can come up with is for people just to wait.I think the shame they inflict on women is wrong, but sex does bring trouble. It’s not the act of sex that is horrible, it’s the repressed feelings that make sex bad.

People tend not to have an open mind when it comes to sex. We tend to embarrass virgins and chastise the unmarried women who aren’t. If all people wait until they’re married, which is actually more reasonable than people being open minded, there wouldn’t be problems.

Virgins, men and women, would enjoy life with one less thing to worry about. People wouldn’t be so preoccupied with what feelings are right and what feelings are wrong. People would only know the comfort of one person’s arms. Maybe there wouldn’t be so many divorces. I imagine sex can be good, but like everything else it has its place and time. There is no real need for premarital sex. The only thing I’ve seen so far is pain and disillusionment. Men and women are suffering because of sex.

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  1. Seems like I just spent the most productive 3 mintues in the entire year and I am sure not even one person will give a shit about it out of those who seriously need to but this is a part of growing up. Its like kids with their toys , try to tell them whut they are doing is "useless" , "waste of time" etc etc and you only appear a fool untill they grow up and learn it themselves.

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